The technology of today skyrocket. The computers are getting better, smaller and ever cheaper old. Of course you want along with the time and the time to buy a new computer. But buy a desktop or a laptop? What is right for you?


What is a desktop

A desktop is a normal computer you on, under, beside or close to your office move. The computer cabinet is connected to a separate monitor and other peripherals needed.

When is this useful?

A desktop PC is useful when you need a computer for a certain place. A desktop is hard to move. If you still want to move, what is possible, you should disconnect all cables, and everything moved individually.

If not?

It is very awkward when you no fixed place for your computer and it still would have to move. For example if you have a computer for work and home, if your house is updated constantly, or if you have no fixed home.

Laptop (notebook)

What is a laptop

A laptop is a small computer that you can fold open and close. The upper half is a built-in screen, and in the lower half (on the desk) is a keyboard. Everything is so in a package and is easy to carry.

Where is this prudent choice

If you travel a lot and want to take your computer is a laptop handy. Because this laptop bag is an easy to do, it's no problem to wear them. This way you can have all your files and keep up with everything.
When a laptop is not "if you sit in a fixed position, not a laptop you should buy. You can also fine with a laptop sitting in a fixed location.

If not?

If you really sure that your computer never moves, and good performance to go in terms of video card and memory, is more convenient to buy a desktop that are cheaper.


Desktops are generally cheaper if you compare the price and performance. A desktop with a good video card (= especially needed for games) is cheaper than a laptop with the same video card. Because in a more desktop space and the parts may be greater, there is less work needed to get it agrees. It is therefore logical that in a laptop more work and smaller parts (expensive) are.


When a desktop

* You have a permanent place
* You will find better performance for less money
* You do not mind having a computer case stand

When a laptop

* You travel a lot
* You always want everything at hand
* You want something compacts.

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