To purchase a new computer technical knowledge seems almost a requirement. Without any knowledge of computers and the contents of a computer will be many vendor can easily foist the most expensive computers. Therefore it makes something on the inside of a computer to know, so you know where to look. For those who are totally not interested in computers, this can still be useful when purchasing a new PC.

Desktop or laptop?

First, on the purchase of a computer, a choice between a desktop or a laptop. A desktop is usually seen as a "normal" computer with screen, keyboard and mouse sit separately. One advantage of a desktop is that all parts separately to replace. One advantage of a laptop is a laptop that you're very flexible. A disadvantage of a laptop is that no parts to replace.

Fortunately, this choice for most people still own it.

Parts of a Computer

A computer's processor will form the heart of the computer. It gives instructions and signals to various parts of the computer. When choosing a processor let you include the manufacturer. Today there are two dominant manufacturers in this market, namely Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Processors from both manufacturers are basically the same in functionality. People actually pay for the difference in brand and speed of the processor. In general, AMD processors are a better value for money, given AMD a little less known than Intel. In addition, the clock speed is important. This indicates how fast the chip can process instructions. One should also note the system bus, chipset and motherboard. The processor itself is in fact part of a chipset, which is placed on the motherboard. The chipset consists of a number of chips that together are responsible for performing functions related to audio or video.

A good video card is important if one computer to buy newly released games to play or to use the computer for video or photo editing technical. Most video cards that come standard on desktops, will meet the requirements of normal computer use, such as email, internet, watching films and occasionally a (simple) game. However if recent games, it is advisable to have a better video card separate from the desktop to purchase and there (have) put. If you buy a laptop, it is important to choose a laptop stand has built a good video. This is a laptop which is very difficult to retrofit. Usually we buy a laptop's not, if one aims to use the computer for games or heavy editing.

It is also important to pay attention to memory. Memory splits into temporary memory and memory Permanently. Temporary memory is RAM (Random Access Memory) is mentioned. RAM uses the computer as temporary storage for programs and documents you at the time of computing uses. The amount of RAM memory is also important for the speed of your computer. Permanent memory is used for programs, documents and storing the operating system. This happened on the hard disk drive. It is important to check the capacity of a hard disk drive, for example, especially if you plan to download many movies.

Finally, it is a wise choice if you own CD's and DVD's to burn or you prefer to others late. Because a computer must have a CDR / DVDR drive. This is a CD tray or any other media files on a CD / DVD can burn.


As for the OS is not really a choice. With most Windows computers 7 shipped. If you buy an Apple-branded computer, then there is an operating system on computers that Apple's own included.

A new computer

Once you have a new image that your computer must meet, it's 'only' a matter of choosing a store. Through the Internet price comparison sites are enough to find. It is advisable to use them, prices of computers can vary considerably from store to store. Good luck!

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