MSN is a program that is extremely popular among the youth. With MSN you from your chair to communicate with people. Except for youth is always attractive to MSN adults and older people. MSN's free and very easy to make calls. If you have MSN Once through is often very fun to do. This article explains how to use MSN.

What is MSN?

MSN is a program that allows you to converse with other people. This may be done by typing messages to each other (which is most common) and through an audio system to talk. MSN is very popular especially among youth, for example, make appointments or just chat with each other. MSN is about the world, so you can say, a vacation from friends abroad in touch with MSN.

What do you need for MSN?

For MSN, you have access to a laptop or computer with internet connection. MSN is an Internet program that works. Then it is intended that an E-mail or MSN address creating. This could be at or Creating an MSN or E-mail address is free. Remember your MSN address and your password, well this because you will soon need.

Next you need to download MSN Internet, this is free. There are many websites where you can download MSN. There are many versions of MSN. The version in the article is about the version: Windows Live Messenger 2011. You can download by simply typing in Download Windows Live Messenger 2011. Click on one of the websites that appear and click on the download button. Follow the instructions on the screen which says it all.

Start with MSN:

Now you have MSN on your computer, an Internet connection and an MSN address, you can begin to subscribe to MSN. Click on the icon for MSN display a window where your MSN address and password is required, do this and then click subscribe. Now that you logged on MSN is the window on which your supposed to be empty, to be here to talk to contacts to get you contacts.

Add contacts:

To call contacts to enter you must have access to the MSN address of contacts. Ask people that you know that MSN have their MSN address, write it down or remember it well. To add contacts by clicking on the word Contacts that top the window and clicking on contact. You add the MSN address of the person you wish to add and follow the instructions. So do this with anyone you want on MSN.

Now that you've invited people for MSN you accept these people. If this has happened and you are at the same time one of your contacts online and you can start a conversation with this person.


Now that you have contacts you can make calls to perform. Note: People have to be online zjin calls. You can tell if people are online on their status. For each contact is a square, gray square where people are offline and you can not talk to, when the people are green they are online and available. Red or orange means that people are online but busy elsewhere working example, it takes awhile before the person responds again. To a voice conversation, click on the person with a green square for his or her name. Then a window appears where you can type, type your message and click enter or send the person will get your message and can send you something back.

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