Lg has finally launched its first phone with android operating system.But just like every other first to come implications this has also failed due to the bottlenecks in the phone manufacturing.The phone is not up to the mark as its too heavy to carry due to the slider keypad which is quite stiff to use.

The phone has a good camera of 5 Mega Pixels with auto flash , autofocus.Although it is loaded with android operating system but it seems like it has been overburdened as it gets hang a lot of time.As soon as you download an application or try to play game the phone gets hang.

This phone also has gprs navigation system with google maps which at first look seems to be flabagasting but as and when you need it it is gonna hang and then you need to pull out the battery from the phone and then again insert it to and turn on the phone which takes along while as if a computer is booting.

It also has the problems while calling.Without any network problem, if you dial a call most of the times it just displays that the call ended or says that call cannot be compeleted this time.And even sometimes it produces some noises which are just horrible when you are talking.

The other problem with these sort of phones is that they cannot be put in a cover because of there slider keypad and there thickness which reduces the sensitivity of there touch screen as the time passes.The most sort after problem of no wireless fm persists here too and the condition is more worsened as the fm does not even does not run on the speakerphone even after the headphones are connected, it can only be listened in the headphones which indeed are quite impressive.

The other shortcoming of the phone is that you cannot connect it to the pc and synchronize your phonebook or you cannot transfer the data directly to the phone from pc.For this you need to purchase a memory card reader then transfer data.Even then you cannot have access to your memory card directly in your phone.You cannot go to your memory card and view images.You need to copy data from computer in the specified folder of images, videos, songs etc which it automatically takes to its gallery and then you can view them.

All in all this is not a great phone to buy at the price of around Rs16000.At this price, it is better to go for sony erricsson xperia mini or vivaz.

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