Based on the analysis performed by an independent laboratory unveiled the iPhone, the new Apple phone, it contains substances hazardous to health and the environment.

A scientific laboratory has analyzed 18 of the external and internal components iPhone and confirmed the presence of brominated compounds in half the samples, including antenna, which constitutes 10% of the total weight of the flexible circuit board. These compounds are toxic, accumulate in fatty tissue in the human environment are highly resistant to degradation.

Besides the headphone cables are made of PVC and contain 1.5% of phthalate esters, substances that alter the hormonal and reproductive system and may promote cancer. Are the same substances that the European Union has already banned in toys.

Since 2006, this new lab has analyzed three times Apple brand products. IPod and Macbook Pro laptop, also revealed the presence of brominated flame retardants and PVC in some components.

Other competitors such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola mobile phones are free of PVC and brominated compounds.

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