Independense and confidence are the two key factors that help us to achieve our dreams and goals in our life.Visually impaired people find themselves challenging to go out independently and pursue thier task lying ahead.There are about 21 million visually impaired people in the world who are need of helping hands.For many years the white cane as been most commonly used travl aid by the blind.The biggest disadvantage is that the user has to be trained a lot and the user isforce to scan manually the vicinityfor obstacles

    ""Success comes in cans,failure comes in cants"" .Gulping this energy capsule i came up a dream for the blinb-THRINETHREAM..the only cane in this world with intelligence.Thrinethream can answer all the problems taht thr blind people face,very intelligently.It is an automatic accelearating and steering device that can navigate the blind blind people safely among obstacles while walking in the road

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