Given the sophistication of the human vision system, the predilection of human beings by striking images is not only a great part of the brain dedicated to vision and visual analysis but also the ability to transport information (width band) of our visual system is far greater than any other of our senses.

All images and paintings known to the human face are the most important source of information. When we talk face to face with another person, we get more information on facial expressions rather than their words or voice quality combined.

In fact, psychologists have found that when we talk face to face, the meaning of words transfers only seven percent of what is communicated. Another thirty-eight percent comes from how those words are. That leaves fifty-five percent of communication, taking the form of visual cues.

The problem is that in the global environment of business now face-to-face communications have become an expensive practice, with a high consumption of time and it is frequently omitted. It then makes use of means such as telephone, fax or modem to meet the needs of communication between companies. "Videoconference today offers a solution to this need for accessible communication systems that enable the transmit and receive visual and audible information between different points or areas to avoid the costs and loss of time that involve physical movement of the person, all at ever-lower costs and higher quality signal. " These advantages make the video the fastest growing segment in the area of telecommunications.

Applications For Videoconference

The decline registered in substantial video conferencing equipment as well as cheaper and availability of communication services has made the video industry the fastest growing market in the teleconference.

With video conferencing, a critical meeting takes only a few minutes to organize. Furthermore prevent mistakes and are always available. Through them, information is always fresh, accurate and timely. Cancel an important meeting, advance or postpone it is very easy, thus eliminating the problems this could entail having to cancel the purchase last minute tickets, or booking flights, etc.

Currently, most innovative companies in the world using the first video to:

Administration of customer agencies.

Boards of Directors.

Crisis management.

Customer Service.

Distance education and learning.

Development of engineering.

Reunion executives.

Financial Studies.

Coordination of projects between companies.

Control of manufacturing.

Medical Diagnostics.

Coordination of mergers and acquisitions.

Management's management information system.

Management and support of purchase and sales.

Recruitment and interviews.



Shorten development cycles of its products.

Communicate with your suppliers and partners.

Improved product quality.

Interviewing candidates for a given position in the company.

Manage the union or consolidation of companies.

Manage the company more effectively.

Get immediate support on products or services abroad.

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