World science

Science uses from the drinking water aqua fresh to sleeping on the bed in an AC room wind by the air-condition technology.

The modern age in which we are living is the age of science. In every walk of life we depend on science. Science has given us a lot of comports. We have progressed so much only due to science. Science has shortened the time and space and has lengthened the span of life.

Science is knowledge. Man is endowed with the reasoning power. He thinks about his needs and comforts. Based on them, he discovered various things.


More uses from the science

Science is more useful in human life. Every thing is from the science day to night.

Man invents new things also. He finds out the ways to fulfill his needs with the help of science. Science is a systematic knowledge and the man who uses this knowledge is called a scientist. Whatever we finds out or makes is called his invention. Many scientists have invented many things for our comforts and fulfill our needs.


Science improvement

You go to a distant place sitting in a railway train. An engine, either steam engine or diesel engine, pulls the train. Steam engine was invented by James Watt, who was a great scientist. Now these steam engines have been replaced by diesel engines and electrical engines.

You fly in the sky like birds. You can reach any part of the world within a few hours. Do you know who invented this airplane? Wright brothers invented the aero plane and made our long journeys fast and comfortable.

We can’t do any thing without electricity. Next to air, water and food there comes electricity which is most necessary for us. It was Volta who invented electricity. Electricity helps us in many ways. It gives us light, moves our fans, cooks our food and runs our mills and factories.

Marconi was also a great scientist who invented radio, TV and wireless. With the help of telephone and wireless we can talk to anybody in any corner of the world. On television we can see the acting artists and hear their voice.

Science had made a lot of contribution in the field of medicine and surgery. Most of the incurable diseases are now curable. Thus the span of life of man has become long.

The most astonishing invention of science is journey to the moon and other planets.

We are using computer and internet. To day robot is working as a man. See, the how science technology improved and developing.

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