Is Cloud Computing Advantageous?

What is Cloud computing?

Oracle has taken a decision to sell software via pubic cloud. In other words, Oracle has entered the bandwagon of cloud computing, which has fascinated the modern technological world. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing represents a large conglomeration of various computer technologies put together. One can choose whatever technology one wants to run one’s computer from the Cloud. One need not buy any software, download and store it in one’s computer. Any software can be accessed from the Cloud at any time. The user only pays for his usage. There is no need to obtain license and purchase the whole software. This helps many business people. It saves them time, energy, money and storage space in their vast network of computers.

Cloud computing

Hiring a car is advantageous to owning a car

The concept can be explained if you imagine that you want to travel to a place by car. There are two options you have. One is to own a car and travel in it. The other option is to hire a car and travel. The second option is easy to execute. Owning a car involves many hassles. First, you need to spend huge money in buying a car of your choice. You need to spend on maintenance of the car. You need to spend on fuel. You need to pay for insurance, road tax, driver’s salary and other expenses. If the car stops on the way in an isolated area, you need to call the mechanic (if it is night time, you will have to wait till next day morning), wait till he arrives and get the repair done. On the other hand, if you hire a car of your choice, you need not spend a huge sum in buying it. You need not spend on insurance, maintenance, driver’s salary etc. On the way if the car stops, you can simply get down, catch another vehicle and reach home safely without bothering about what happened to the car in which you travelled.

Cloud computing is advantageous to infrequent users

Therefore, it is easier to hire a car and travel instead of owning one. You also have another advantage in this method. You can choose any car of your choice and travel. But if you own a car, you will be confined to it for many years till you decide to change your car. However, for those who frequently travel, owning a car may be cheaper than hiring a car. It all depends on the category you belong to, how frequently you use the car etc. The same principle applies to computer software also. If you are a frequent user of any particular software or a set of softwares, it may be profitable to buy the software, download it into your computer and start using it. On the other hand, if you access different softwares at different points of time, Cloud computing may be advantageous to you. In other words, if you are an infrequent user of softwares, Cloud computing is for you.

How Cloud computing bills are prepared?

In Cloud computing, there are different systems for availing services. You can pay a fixed rent and avail the services of a particular company or software offered by them and use for any time you want. Or you can choose the metering system. In this method, your actual usage will be metered. The time for which you use the software is noted down exactly the same way as your internet usage time is recorded by the internet service provider for billing you. Different softwares have different rates for usage. It is like car hiring. If you hire an Ambassador car, the rate may be low. If you hire a Mercedes Benz, the rate may be very high. For availing internet broadband services, you have different schemes. One scheme offers you limited download capacity for small amount. Another scheme offers you unlimited broadband at much higher cost. Cloud computing billing is also similar to this.

Data storage facilitated

There are other advantages also in Cloud computing. You can store your data in the Cloud for a small additional fee safely. You need not bother about computer disruption or hard disc crash etc. Your data is safely stored in the Cloud and can be accessed at any time. Another advantage is that you can access the data or operate your system from anywhere in the world. Only internet access is required for it. Cloud computing has become a multibillion dollar business in the world. Those who offer the services are trying to woo new clients into their fold and offer discounts for it. Those who avail the services of Cloud computing also have an array of technology to choose from. Botheration of updating their software is also saved. For example, if you own Microsoft Office software which consists of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Excel as the basic components, you need to update your version whenever Microsoft comes out with newer versions. But if you are availing the services of MS Office through Cloud Computing, there is no need for you to update the software. It is the duty of the company offering Cloud services to update all their software at their expense.

Cloud computing is not a new concept

Actually speaking, Cloud computing is not an entirely new concept. In fact, Cloud computing has been in existence for many years without the official name it has today. When you open an email account with say Google, you get your email identity as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Whatever mails you receive in your email accounts will be stored in Google’s server, which you can retrieve at any time, from any computer and from anywhere in the world. This is actually a part of the Cloud computing. But what is new now is that you can operate any software from the internet without actually possessing it in your computer. This saves a lot of burden for the users. Users need not take a backup of their data and software.

Hackers look for vital data in the Cloud

Companies are spending millions of dollars as marketing expenses for spreading their wings in the world of Cloud computing. For companies opting to enter into providing Cloud computing services, the task is not easy. They need to concentrate on both their software and hardware. Hardware should be a powerful machine capable of handling millions of data from different sources and storing them securely. If there is any security leakage, customers will fear and withdraw or will not renew their contracts. The company should protect the confidential data from the prongs of the hackers who are ever present in the Internet world to steal other people’s data. If the data is very sensitive, the damage will be all the more severe. Companies also need to rewrite their software programmes in order to tune them to Cloud computing. As long as you work within your office or home and operate some software, you get the results easily without any hitch. But once you are in the cyber world, the same software may not work efficiently or will provide holes in the security, which the merciless hackers will exploit. Hackers are interested in two types of data. First, the company’s confidential data, which they can sell to the competitors and make money, interests them. Secondly they are looking forward to things like credit card numbers, internet passwords, bank account details, email passwords etc.

Is cloud computing safe?

Is Cloud computing fully secure? We cannot assure it at this stage. Recently, services in Cloud computing were disrupted. There were even rumours of attack by the hackers. Therefore, nothing can be safe in this real world. It is for the companies and individuals to take sufficient precautions and protect them from the worst. If your data is too sensitive, do not store it in Cloud. Only a fool will store his credit card number in the Cloud. Therefore, the safety of operations entirely depends in your hands. It is like driving a car on the road. Your safety depends on the precautions you take while driving. Inspite of this, other people’s mistakes can cause an accident and even result in fatality. But that is God’s wish. On your part, you should observe precautions and play according to the rule. Then, you can minimise, not entirely eliminate, catastrophes.

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