First of all the question arises that what is technology.Technology in other sense you can say that any thing that helps us to solve our problem or perform specific task with the help of several tools like our knowledge,tool,machines,techniques etc.The word Technology actually comes from the Greek word ‘technologia’ that means art,skills.It helps us to change the living style and makes our life easier and full of fun. It provide his full effort in increasing the productivity inbussiness.It helps us to makes those work easier which we can’t imagine to do.Technology greatly effect the human life as well as animals life to control and settle in normal environment.But technolgy not always means that is blessing for human being and animal life,when new technology were tested it provide great harm to human life as well as animal species.For example:-Atom bomb became great power and if any country use it then no one can defeat it.But at the time of testing two states were collapsed name ‘Hiroshima’ and ‘Nagasaki’ .

Technology is used since ancient period but the way of using is different.At that time they used stone for igniting and make work easier for them.They uses simple tools that influence there life at large-scale and create contemproary network.They use fire for cooking grains,lightining etc.

They also start working with cooper and bronze and due to this that period is also called Bronze age.


Technology affect greatly in agriculture sectors like In ancient period agriculturing start at lower level and at time they grow grains for their families only.With the help of rivers they start farming in summer seasons and harvest their field with the help of rivers and fullfill the food requirenments of their families.Now days farming is done on large scale .Farmers not only grow food for their family they sell grains and with the help of that grains we are able to survive on this Earth.Now farming is done with latest technology and with the introduction of many machines farmers is capable of growing grains on large scale.

Technology not only means that it is tools,machines .It not only helps to increase production level and make bombs etc.on the contemporary it helps in establishing cities.With the latest technology cities are established at large scale.Now a days there is everything available that makes our work eaiser and helps us to survive.Now days if we suffer with serious helth problem the immediately we call the ambulance and it is available in just few minutes and we went to hospital without any risk.There is several tombs and temples available that uses technology to look best.Now paper is available that helps us to read and makes our country great nad this paper is also a part of technology.


Technology makes our country very strong in term of Military.There are several new weapons that helps our country’s military to face any country.this could be possible with the help of latest technology.Lets go few years back In kargil war .In it our country force uses many fighter plains and jet that only helps our country to remain victrous. Now a day several new rocket were launch that helps us to minimize the distanc eof Earth and Mars.This is technology that proves that in Mars planet there is an existence of life.

Technology made our travel so much easy that we travel housand of kilometeres in an hour.And if we want to go any place then we use our car,motor cycles etc.Previosly transportation system is not so developed and it is difficult to send any commodity from one place to another.But there is several option available that helps us to send an item in few hours.Fax is one of the most important invention, If we want to send any paper we easily send it with the help of fax machines.

Internet is one of the most important technology in present is interrelated computer networks that uses many computers at a time. If we are in other country and our friend,relative in other country we can easily chat with them with the help of internet.We also make video calls with the help of internet for this we have web camera.

The most important technology which is invented is mobile phones with the help of mobile phones we make call across country .Previousally we send letters that takes at least 1 month.But now no need to worry if we want to send message we send in few seconds with the help of mobile phones.If some ones is busy in some work then you can easily send message .


Technology bring great uprising in industrial field.Now days our country has many industry and powerplants that helps country to grow and and make our country developed country as compared to Australia and London.

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