This article explains everything about the Internet Blogs, Blogs have been winning more space in the vast network of networks because of its importance as a channel for sharing ideas, knowledge, tastes, dreams and projects relating to the internet.


What are they?, "All we have ours?, how to operate them, how to access them?, How to create it?, How do I create it?. And other questions to be cleared for you to integrate this growing community of Bloggers.


Introduction alt

Another term that today competes globally with Google, Coca Cola and other well known brands are Blogs, today we refer to them by their importance and increasingly used by millions of Internet users.

Blogs are the fashion of our time. Artists, soldiers, ordinary people, everyone wants a Blog, talking about India, Amitabh, Katrina, airplanes, the newest restaurant, the tour on Sunday, your pet, the Martians, holidays, the dance of salsa, and grandmother's recipes ... the dreams and realities ... but specifically no more than a simple and free internet publishing your journal and all the experiences, comments, and ideas ... you want to share. No effort, typing on the keyboard and following some simple instructions you will have your website and update it whenever you want.

A web log(Blog) is a Web site that is updated periodically with data and information by its author, this information can be text, images and others that the author considers most important thing is that they are organized in chronological order that is always listed first order the latest information. They are intended for use as a sort of online diary that a person uses to inform, share and discuss regularly on the things you love and care about.

The term weblog is also used to refer to them, comes from the English words web and log (journal), the log term is used referring to the logs or journals of navigation used since ancient times when the captains of the ships were scored events during shipping.

The Weblogs or Blogs are the most current phenomenon on the Web sites This is where messages are collected chronologically in one or more authors on a thematic terms as a personal diary.

The Blogs have managed to publish content on the Web is accessible to any Internet user. And there are various free services with simple tools that create a Weblog in less than five minutes, without any previous knowledge.

There Weblogs that provide information about itself and elaborated by its author. There are others who simply collect the most interesting thing found on the Internet, thus becoming a kind of documentary resources also plays its role. Of course, you have to meet both.


Elements of a Blog

In the Weblog cover listed first the most recent entries. Each of these often include a title, publication date, author's name and a link that leads to a form where visitors can post comments.

All blogs also includes one or more menus with the names of the themes or categories in which entries are classified, so that when you click on one of those names appear on screen only the items in that category. It is also a section with regular information about the author or authors and a collection of links to recommended websites.

Besides the basic features we have described the Blogs can have other advanced features based publication system chosen. For example:

Search content.

Support multiuser (multiple authors).

Trackback (an automatic warning when another blog has linked some of your items).

Management system templates or designs.

Generating RSS for content syndication.

Treatment and RSS aggregation.

Body image.

Management comments.

Blocking unwanted commentators.

Other supplements may be a list of the last comments by readers, a list of the most commented articles or statistical data from your visits. These resources allow you to track your Weblog and are also elements that help you loyalty to your readers.

Getting Started

To get a space on the Internet and start publishing your news, articles and reflections there are now many options, the first is choosing a housing system in any of the websites that offer free space with a publishing system and preinstalled ( most recommended for novices), the second (for those already initiated into the world of computers) is to install and configure your own management tool on a web server and one for the experts.

How they work

The most quick, easy and normal to have your own blog is to register as a user in one of the many free services available on the Web in a few minutes you'll be publishing your first article.

In this mode the Blog works with a content management program already installed on the server that hosts them and that in most cases is developed by the transmission service.

Discharge to your blog

The steps for creating a page of this type are essentially the same at all. The first is to register as a user. In doing so, we assign a user name and password, with which we can access the homepage of administration and publication.

Then we follow the guidance of a small Web Wizard, we will request the necessary information: the name we want for our website, description, design and other information relevant to their creation.

After completing the wizard, we'll have our Blog up to work. Now is the Time to administer, configure it to our liking, and start working with it.

To learn how Blogs are housed in each one of these sites and what they offer you the best is to visit each of them, usually comes a list of recently updated Blogs, checked and pick the more you like or fits your needs .

Some of the stocks and shares to be configured are:

1 - The Admin

In the administration page will see a series of menus which can perform specific tasks of configuration and maintenance: delete and publish articles to define categories for classifying, insert links or images, change the appearance (background color and text), title Blog, data from the Author. In some places we can define several authors or users allowed to post on the blog.

2 - Image Hosting

The weakness of accommodation for blogs is often the limitations to the use of images. The solution is to store our photos on another free server that allows us to get more images or larger images and then link that image from our Blog by a code in HTML. The first thing to do in all cases is to register as a user, and within minutes you can start posting your pictures.

Some interesting tools that let you create a photo album on the Internet quickly and easily:

* is a website that lets you upload and share your photos for free (limited to 10 MB per month). We can use it as an album in that sort and show our pictures to the world or to host the pictures on your blog if our publishing system allows us to upload images not heavy.
* is another service that allows you to create a photoblog free with an attractive design, in which friends and virtual tours can add comments to our pictures. The free basic account lets you post 60 images per month. Buzznet also resizes your images 400px wide maximum which do not have to cut you with another program.

3 - Counters Visits

This allows the author to know the number of visitors to his blog, the most read and other information from these statistics can create the same, providing for amendment of the same elements in order to achieve greater quality and quantity of people using it.

4 - Forums

Several surfers create forums on various topics, some of them just on blogs, in which exchange their knowledge and experiences, some of the most used are:



5 - Content syndication

Nearly all Blogs incorporate text links, or the famous orange buttons with the abbreviations XML, RSS, RDF, or ATOM for the reader to copy the Web address to which they point, known as feed-and inserted into a reader / aggregator or news feeds to be alerted of updates of your favorite Weblogs.


These links or buttons point to a file within the blog that contains a specific version of the information published on this site. Usually called "Archive RSS" or "Feed RSS". Each element of information contained within an RSS file is called "item".

The RSS file is rewritten automatically when any update on the contents of the website. By accessing the RSS file is impossible to know whether the contents have been updated and how news or texts, but without having to access the Web site except to read the extended version.

Have a channel or RSS file on your Blog will allow Internet users to check if you have done updates in your blog without having to enter through a feed reader installed on your computer or from a feed aggregator or online directory.


Well Blog, Weblogs or Blogs are and that we must incorporate new words into our vocabulary,
New words appear. but neglect to try to keep them informed so that our vocabulary is kept updated and every day we are more computer-literate.

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