Currently technology globally is in a state of constant flux that is rapidly evolving. From bendable displays and batteries that run for years , below are the examples of a uber cool and high tech gadgets that will very soon sweep you of your feet by their “wow” factor. Not only that gadgets or technology that we use every day are poised for a major overhaul.

Internet Through Powerlines.

Currently with a broadband penetration of only 25% and that too which is confined largely to metros , internet penetration in India represent only a small slice of a massive pie. So going beyond conventional means of broadband and wireless, will be internet through power lines, which will definitely provide a fillip to the below par penetration level in this country. Your home is already completely wired up – with every room having multiple electric connections and plug points. So it makes sense to utilize the same network of cables to transmit internet connection along with electricity. With such an amazing technology, hooking up your computer for internet connection will become so easy. One just needs to plug his computer into any of the power sockets and “Voila” – you have your internet connection. Devices, particularly those that have the Home Plug specification feature will be able to achieve this.

Flexible Displays.

Another wonderful innovation, given the fact that by and large currently, shape of a display determines the shape of numerous gadgets that we use. Those gadgets need to have at least one flat surface to accommodate the flat displays. But in case of flexible displays one can considerably reduce the size and weight of the device, by rolling it up for stage when it is not being used. Consequently this displays will become pretty much unbreakable and recent research also suggest that they will be drawing a lot less power than their non-flexible counterparts thereby boosting the limited battery life of many of our gadgets. Such displays will also have a major impact in military applications with features like electronic maps and augmented reality combat tools.

These Cameras Need No Focusing

For those of us for whom photography is a passion, Lytro will be a marvelous innovation. It is a new generation camera, where one can alter the focus of an image after clicking. Since there is no need to focus, the camera automatically works much faster than its normal run- of- the –mill counterparts. Its modus operandi is simple. It actually captures depth information along with all the available lights in the frame as a result it can easily capture dimly lit images without a flash and also 3D images are possible by virtue of this novel technology. Speculation is abuzz that few mobile handset manufacturers are already in detailed discussion with Lytro to implement this new technology in our mobile phones.

Wireless Charging.

As the number of gadgets we use everyday keep on swelling in numbers ,so does the number of chargers. The arduous task of charging all these gadgets can actually be a nuisance. Many devices may eventually switch over micro USBs, but they still need to be plugged in. For wireless charging, you just need to put all your devices on an inductive mat and they will be charged. For this a set of coils needs to be built into the device which will allow short range transfer of power. Fulton Innovation is the name of the company which is planning to bring this technology to our doors.

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