law: the latest career in big demand
The way Internet use is going-up the demand for cyber law experts is going up in the same ratio. The way internet is becoming a tool for cyber crimes in almost every country, the need of cyber law experts is growing by the day. The cyber law is required even in developing countries where internet is in its primary stages and not yet fully in reach of most of the population. To get rid of the cyber crimes and to look after the needs of the users there is an ever-growing demand of the cyber law experts.

Keeping this in mind, many colleges are coming up with specialization courses in cyber law along with law courses and separately. As every one knows that Indians are masters as far as information-technology is concerned but they are not experts in cyber crimes and related laws. Therefore, let us expect that in the coming days when we shall be more dependent on computers and more internet related crimes would be taking place we shall need more such experts who could handle them easily. We must expect a growing demand of experts of ethical hacking and cyber crime experts in a very near future.

About cyber crime
There is a universal law that governs the cyber space in the whole of the world. The same rules are applicable everywhere to tackle the cyber crimes all over the world. When some one tries to harass any one or tries to do some thing against the rules as in the real world, they call it cyber bullying. As we understand that almost up to fifty percent people may face this problem in some way or the other. According to physiologists, the impact of the same is worse than manhandling and physical beating. Therefore, the role of a cyber law expert is going to be all the more important.

The cyber criminal are finding new methods every day to fool people who loose their data and secrets due to the tactics these criminals adopt to make users share there secrets with them. They are making them to believe that they are the original websites and make them believe to steal their entire data to use their accounts and money.


The cyber experts
The courses would teach the law, IT professionals, security auditors, banking, insurance and other related professionals to learn about new rules related to cyber crimes, control on phishing, hacking, control on virus, theft of internet accounts and other allied ability to handle tools which could keep control on such crimes. Besides, they shall have an aptitude to know the practical knowledge of such criminals as well.

Cyber crime control experts shall be the people who would come from the fields of law, information technology, management and accounts but the best among them would be the ones who have already studied law and have mastery over the internet with computer science as additional qualification. There are many short and long-term courses already preparing experts in this field who are ready to take over the exceeding demand by the day. I am sure that our country shall be self-sufficient soon in this field soon with its vast force of expert men-power in law and computer field.

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