With the emergence of the iPad, apps, Android Smartphones and the introduction of 4G networks, the year 2011 marked a beginning of an important trend in mobile computing.


Since the mobile phone industry is the ever growing industry due to the rapid development of telecommunications market all over the world. With the vigorous growth in mobile phone manufacturers, mobile subscriptions and service providers across the country, mobile phones, which used to be luxury gadgets and only affordable amongst wealthier people, have readily been available to every individual at very competitive and affordable prices.


It has become difficult for desktop and laptop industry to keep pace with the latest development in the industry. The innovation and level of competition in trends of mobile phones have profoundly affected the desktop and laptop industry. These phones are more and easily accessible as compared to computers and others. It appears to be quiet shuttering that desktop browsing has become extinct.


What has changed is simple: It has made us unplugged.


One of the biggest trends in the world of mobiles is that of the multipurpose phone which gives you feeling like having a cell phone, digital camera, MP3 player and above all Internet capabilities with a quick browser all in one.

There are many phones that now have QWERTY keyboards and scaled down Intel processors that allow the users to not only check e-mail, but also read and write Microsoft Office documents.

Mobile companies are now making more money whereas desktop and laptop manufacturers have fallen short. Newer trends like the evolution of 4G, app markets, iPhone, Tablet PCs are helping mobile phones in finding much more marketplace share.


So here we have a question; what mobile phone industry is up-to in coming years?


Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change. With the fastest growing handset segment of GPS, 3G & WiMAX, and Android enabled devices the picture is likely to change soon.

Increasing mobile service providers are catalyzing handset sale in India and creating a new class of Superphones which is leading to our next trend.


Looking further into the future of mobile devices, we get a glimpse of having the world in our palm. I believe the time has come to put the personal computer; this includes desktops, notebooks, and mini notebooks to rest. The transition may take a little more time but eventually the majority of us will not use a PC.


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