There is a reason i love contries like China or Japan. They never have limitations and they don't run behind the crowd, rather they make their own crowd. They don't follow the technology but they create the technology and that is what this article about.

We are in smartphone generation and they are like in every hand these days and Android seems to be coming to the top in this smartphone race. Although people argue it is still behind apple iOS but it is giving great challenge to them. But have you heard of another competitior called Aliyun ?
No ? Then i Welcome you to the upcoming China's company Alibaba's answer to the Android OS : Aliyun.

What's special about it

They are trying to bring cloud to the mobile devices. I hope you understand cloud, but if you don't then you can read my article here , written specially in layman's term. Aliyun is triyng to bring many things to cloud and for the start they are planning to go with cloud based email, search and GPS. Aliyun is planned to come with around 100GB of memory space which as from user point of view is way much. Also it is based on Linux and hence it will be an open source which is another great advantage.

Why it is in picture

you might be thinking why such a new technology which very few people have heard can make an impact ? We'' as per Google yes and they are really cautious about it and hence they have also thretened to break their association with Acer if they try to launch phones which will run Aliyun OS. They are taking it as a threat because they know the potential of chinese markets and their products. The phone is already launched in Chinese markets and they are planning to make it as Android of China.

And being a potential market the vendors are also coming forward to launch their products with Aliyun OS because of its such extensive list of features.

What's my take

Everyone knows about chinese market and chinese knows about others. They will not stop and that is for sure and they will launch it in the western markets soon and also in contries like India where mobile future is endless and since its based on Linux, it will definately won't have much prices which will be another nail in the Android's chest. They already have launched their product with big vendor Haier and the best part is they are having the applications for free which are paid in Android. If it gets proper marketing and once it get good feedback its going to wash away Andoird.

Lets keep watching.

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