The new social networking website Pinterest is well recognized for accumulating new guidelines as well as home beautifying ideas.  At the same time, it can also help you get a new job. It is one of the most recent social networking website. A lot of businesses and products are using the new social networking website Pinterest to get in touch with their viewers. The visual appeal of the images which are presented on the boards of pinterest is what makes the people flock to the new social networking website.

People who are in artistic professions can gain the most from pinterest. But for this, they need to build a strong portfolio on pinterest and attract the probable employers to enable them to hire you. A few such professions are paintings, film making, website designers, catering experts, engineers and graphic designers. On the other hand there is no end to be artistic.

For people who have obtained grades through various online programs, pinterest may come in truly useful as a tool for searching a suitable job. This is so, when you are unable to get the chance for appointments through the career centers of college. A few candidates are making use of pinterest to their benefit once they finish their graduation with a grade in any stream of arts.

Become imaginative with your details on pinterest:

As a portfolio, build a board on your account in pinterest. To display your skills and capture the visitors’ attention to your benefit, the visual character of the pinterest website is extremely useful. For more information that a visitor may require, you can link to your blog or website or post a photograph straight to pinterest.  In case you do not have a picture of your career, you can always search online for a free image to make use of.

You can also incorporate your hobbies and the awards you received, special classes attented, previous jobs done, degrees obtained and previous work experience as necessary. The initiative that is required here is to be imaginative. Never look forward to visitors visiting pinterest to read pages and pages of content. On the pinterest board, you can also add a video of your choice. Always use unusual pins to give the visitors an idea about your work. Purchasing a good digital camera would help you enormously.

For people who are looking for a contract job and are working from home, pinterest can be of great help.  One of my friends who have joined pinterest very recently, have already set up his boards on pinterest with the photos of lots of artistic lanterns he has made over the last couple of months.  He made certain that he included his portfolio board that sends visitors to his website so that they can easily get in touch with him for the lanterns they may like to purchase.

With lots and lots of people already on pinterest and more joining by the day, anyone can easily visualize that their business will only flourish with this new social media website.   If you are interested in using pinterest in a professional way then just remember to keep all of your boards and pins also professional so that in case any potential employer happens to look at your profile, you will be benefitted. 

Search business boards:

A lot of business houses make use of pinterest to advertise their products as well as their services. You should always visit the boards of companies to know what the company people display on their company boards before you decide to submit your application for a job opportunity. Once you are on the boards of the companies, you have to carefully read the descriptions and remarks so as to get a little idea with reference to the demands of that company.

From the descriptions and remarks made on those company boards on pinterest, you have to think over as to whether they are easy or strict in nature and the things said in their pins regarding the background and the concerns of the company. You have to remember these aspects in mind while making your application and resume. If you do like this, you can easily understand the company’s background in a better way before you proceed further to apply for that company.

Search out resources for career:

Continuously search for resources for your career and follow experts in the field.  Experts regularly give advice from various resumes to the job interview so as to help people with their career search in a proper way. These experts in career can also suggest the much required enthusiasm during your search for a job. However, for all kinds of career options, pinterest may not be the apparent choice as a social networking website.  

Even so it has the great possibility in your search for a job. Before applying for a job, make use of it to find out about a particular company.  You can just remain yourself inspired or get helpful advice from career experts or colleges. There are many graduates who have successfully made use of pinterest in their search for a job and helped themselves get the innovative career they wished.

When you are searching for a job, social networking can be easily used in a lot of different ways to get the word out to the people at large.  Pintrest is such an innovative way to use. At the same time, it does not mean that you can forget twitter and facebook. Simply mention your status as you just filled out a job application online. Or say that you are looking for good companies that may want whatever you do.  

You may be stunned at the quantum of people who offer a fine suggestion.  Alternatively, you may feel that you could be a better fit at their company.  Everything said it is definitely true that you cannot depend just on pinterest alone as the social media platform for your search of a job. There are indeed other social media platforms which are very much hunted by all recruiters as well as companies.  However, pinterest has ceratinly presented a new innovative channel for those people who are in artistic fields.

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  1. Kalyani Nandurkar

Very good and detailed information provided by the author, I have visited pinterest on couple of occasions but could not really figure out how it worked. This article helped me understand it better! Good job!

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