If we look at the current Indian scenario, we will be ashamed to observe that more than 10% of Indian population consists of rapists. India has become one of the most unsafe places for women and children in the world. Rape is the most common and brutal crime that is happening against women in India. The recent rape incidents prove that Delhi is not only the capital of India but it also a haven for rapists. The most horrifying aspect of recent rape cases is that most of the victims are girls aged below 10. Statistics prove that there is a 336% growth in child rape cases since 2001 in India. These statistics are based on reported rape incidents but the fact is that a majority of rape cases are not reported. Government had done nothing to curb the growth of this crime. Their soft measures are not going to decrease this heinous crimes against women and children. Even if the government takes extreme measures to punish rapists, then also, what is the use of that justice to a rape victim who has been physically as well as mentally tortured. This enormous growth in rape cases has prompted many companies to come forward with latest hi-tech anti-rape gadgets. The safety of Women and children is not guaranteed in India and if they want to protect themselves, then they have to get armored with these anti-rape gadgets .These gadgets reduces the chance of rape by 95%. In the current situation, caution is the only solution against rape.

Anti-Rape Undergarment

Manisha Mohan and her friends designed an anti-rape underwear which is also called "SHE" (Society Harnessing Equipment). This device comes with dual features. The horrific gang rape of a 23-year-old girl in Delhi in December 2012 was the inspiration behind this gadget. SHE looks like a normal nightgown but it comes with an inbuilt GPS system and an electrical sensor circuit. This device comes with a remote controller and at just the press of a button, the nightgown can trigger 3800 kV of electric shock which can incapacitate the offender for more than 10 minutes. This device not only incapacitates the offender but the inbuilt GPS system also helps to track down the location of the victim by sending emergency messages to the police. The inner area of this device is highly insulated to protect the wearer from shocks through perspiration. This gadget will be launched in the market next year, at an affordable price.

Anti-Molestation Jacket

The concept behind this jacket is similar to that of SHE. The difference between this jacket and SHE is that this is not an undergarment. This gadget triggers a shock of 110 volts to the offender, which is similar to that of a shock received by a stun gun. The shock waves are activated by pressing a button on the waistband. This jacket is also washable. This gadget is available in two variants, a denim and an acrylic variant. This device will be available in the market next year with an price range of below 1500 Rs.

Anti-Rape Watch

A student from Delhi had designed a watch which is capable of incapacitating the offender. The function of this watch is based on the nerve speed and the pulse rate of the wearer. When the offender approaches the wearer, the watch records significant rise in nerve speed and pulse rate of the wearer and asks for an activation command. When the skin of the offender comes in contact with the activated watch, it triggers a shock of 0.1 ampere. This will incapacitate the offender for few minutes so that the victim can flee. This watch also comes with an inbuilt camera which helps to take the images of the offender.

Two Anti-Rape Devices That Should Be Legalized In India

1. Jaap Haumann

Jaap Haumann, a retired anesthetist from South Africa invented a "Killer Tampon" in 2000. This tampon is capable of cutting off a rapist's penis. It looks like any normal tampon with outer core made up of soft plastic. The inner core of this tampon is made up of hard plastic and in a cylindrical shape. This cylindrical core contains spring blades. When this tampon is inserted by the women and the rapist tries to penetrate, the point of his penis comes in contact with the spring blades and a result of which a part of his penis is sliced off. This is an effective gadget against rape but the main disadvantage of this gadget is that penetration must happen to make it effective.

2. Rape-aXe

This is an anti-rape female condom invented by Sonnet Ehlers. Rape aXe, like any other condom consists of a latex sheath. This latex sheath contains razor sharp barbs. This condom is inserted into the vagina like a tampon and when the rapist tries to penetrate, these barbs attach themselves to the penis, causing excruciating pain. Once these barbs get attached to the penis, then it can only be removed through surgery. Thus the rapist will be identified by the hospital staff and they will alert the police. Like Jaap Haumann, penetration must happen to make this condom effective.

If immediate action is not taken to control rapes, then women in India will be forced to wear chastity belts. I don't think that even these belts can save Indian women and children from these perverts. 

Image Source: Wikimedia

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