With the advent of computers and Internet, connecting all around the world through a virtual world becomes easier than never before. With a computer in your living room, and wired or wireless connections, one can connect to the entire world through various applications or social networking services. It has become painless to connect to the entire world with a simple internet connection. Due to large scale connectivity among all computers, the concept of a perfect e-commerce is slowly becoming a reality. E-commerce is not a new subject, it has been there, but during those times, when computers have been sold properties for few persons and internet costs were high and only affluent few can manage it.  With the introduction of mobile broad band my many mobile network providers, Internet availability has become a normal commodity among all subscribers.

Though there is definitely a vast difference of speed among wired and wireless broad bands. Wireless broad band has speed and even wireless wan can run easily with it, on the other hand, with wireless broad band or mobile broad band the connection takes time. Data downloading speed are on the higher side, but the data uploading takes time. Scheduled to wireless in nature. Mobile broadband connects with satellite to send and receive data. For this, the speed of download and upload takes time. Generally, mobile devices take huge amount of time to detect satellite locations and vice versa. However, mobile broad band has become hugely popular due to readily availability and the cost factor associated with it.

Advent of smart phones:

More and more people are now using smart phones. Smart phones are ready for online transactions and it performs more function than mere internet browsing. Smartphone with its wide range of application, able to perform the gigantic amount of online transactions and thus the concept of e commerce has been slowly gaining momentum with these devices. Owing to the advent of large scale of Indian manufacturers, the cost of the smart phone with android enabled operating system is fast becoming more and more popular and common man can afford to have it. Local manufacturers are creating a stringent market field for already established world class hardware manufacturers. Thus, competition gives rise to price decrease and ultimately consumer’s gains immensely from all these competitions.

Owing to competition among mobile operators, the price of Internet packages is constantly reducing and this creates a vast competitive field among people to take advantage and registered for Internet packages. In this way, earlier there was the thought that after so much of efforts from all sides the penetration of computers in rural as well as semi urban areas is not increasing the expected level. The proper e commerce is not able to get its momentum a few years back. So, what has been the change in all these years? It is not the penetration of computers that has been there to increase the level of e commerce, but it is the increase in amount of trendy phone usages, that is empowering more and more people to connect to internet.

Android and rich smart phone experience:

With the advent of Android from Google, people can now have a fully powered and rich smart phone experiences which is similar to computer, and people can now with the help of application able to connect to different transactions which is the sole criterion for a successful e commerce websites. Everywhere, we can see more and more e commerce websites are expanding their scope of business to different spheres, and they are giving advertisements to idiot box and other forms of mediums in order to gain a proper and valid presence in the minds of people.

In simple term, e commerce is nothing but an online market place for people. People can stay at home and order something. The entire transactions are done manually through couriers. With the advent of accurate form of marketing, e commerce companies are now empowering people with on the home delivery payment, return of 100% payment within seven days and so on. People have lesser time to go to market or shopping mall and try to purchase what they like for. Now, with e commerce, one needs a smart phone or a computer and a decent internet connection. A good internet connection is always available with a fair price and with a smart phone one can download the apps of a particular e commerce website and then browse through the apps in order to see the product intend to buy it.

Then, just browse through the categories and choose the product and the product number and then register with that site to order the product. All these come with a speed and you do not have to go out in order to purchase it from outside. It is easy and now you can market and choose the product that you have intended for you and order it and wait for some days in order to receive it at home. Most of e commerce websites are optimized for mobile viewing and most of the products have screen shots with zoom functionalities as well as testimonials from customers who already had this product. As such, the entire stretch is to help the consumer in making the decision of buying easier. Most of e commerce site always try hard to maintain truth as in this arena once the confidence and the faith are lost. Everything is lost.

Low cost prices and word of mouth:

What differentiates the most from additional real shopping mall with e commerce ventures is the presence of low cost prices. Most of e commerce vendors are trying to connect with manufacturers directly and as a consequence they are able to sell the purchase at the factory prices. From word of mouth, people tend to go for certain e commerce websites and in this way after getting the products at lowest available prices. The popularity of such websites rises day by day.

People love to pay online. They hear from friends and relatives how a successful online payment can lead to speedier transactions of money. There are numerous incentives given by the respective banks on online transactions. As such, points are earned and at the end of year. All accumulative points can be converted into a sum which can be used for purchasing of discrete products. Countless e commerce websites are giving away points to consumers after purchasing the products through online transactions. The principal motive behind e commerce is to have paperless transactions. The order is taken and confirmation is received within minutes.

Building customer’s trust:

In the initial stage of development of a new e commerce website, the principal pattern it has to acquire within masses is confidential. It is all about money transactions. A person with a smart phone or a computer, and an Internet connection proves that the person is literate and has plenty of knowledge about money and financial transactions. Most people have a clear idea about how online monetary transactions are performed and what are the pluses and minuses to it. They always have been pretty cautions while dealing with all these pecuniary transactions inside e commerce website. They want to be pretty sure and confident before purchasing something from these portals.

The major part of e commerce website is to create confidence among customers through word of mouth, and building trust by providing excellent products which have been ordered through their Internet portals. As such, trusts created among the customer and the company. The same client is going to be one such word of mouth for your company and will bring many such consumers. This leads to the conclusion the magic of e commerce portals and why people are magically attracted towards all these e commerce websites from all over the world.

The first e commerce site:

The first e commerce site was commenced in 1970s when, a portal was made to send and receive commercial documents electronically. This was done to accelerate the decision making processes. During those times, documents were sending within intranet, the limiting sphere of organization. With due course of time, at the beginning of 1990s, saw the flowering of e commerce sites in the West. It is because of the advent of the Internet as well as within a few years, online banking transactions becomes a reality. This becomes a real playing field for e commerce portals where clients are able to pay through net banking via Internet bytes and get the confirmation of payment all at once.

In India, the year 2000 saw the boost in online transactions and flowering of e commerce website all over India. Within few years, all these dreams could not materialize due to lack of Internet in rural and semi urban areas. During these times, the advent of mobile communication was further and most of mobile charges are on higher sides. Similarly, during these times, the cost of Internet was higher and also many banks have not completed their complete computerization. Without all these, there is difficult for banks to start the Internet banking facilities. Without net banking facilities, online monetary transactions are not possible. E commerce websites depend heavily on internet transactions. During the early part of 2004, when most of profitable e commerce ventures are launched, most of them prefer to have the door delivery payment system in order to get into people inside the realm of business.

Cash on delivery (COD):

Some have been constantly giving advertisement on local newspapers on the product code as well as a phone number to contact. They will send the product within seven days of receiving the orders and then on the door payment system will be done. The same product can be purchased through the e commerce portals, and earn more points by ordering through net banking. Slowly, all these portals are evolving from the stagnant Internet additional zone. They want to embrace all forms of people, is still to date actual farmers have no access to internet.

Farmers used to read local newspapers. Then, many e commerce portals give regular advertisements of their best seller and low cost products with product codes and the phone numbers. Phones are received within seconds, and then the address of the client is noted down properly. After introductions of all these offline measures the span and scope of e commerce websites exponents in vertical as well as horizontal directions. As such, significant structural problems in dealing with budgetary transactions from all walks of life are being solved. With all these innovations, the proper utilization of sensible ideas of getting into smart e commerce portals absolutely for all walks of life is becoming a reality.

The positive user experience:

This is all about increasing customer base. In India, still to date, Internet penetration is not on a higher side. For this an e commerce website to succeed they must target each and every sphere of the masses all around. This leads to innovations and other forms of marketing expertise to succeed. The positive user experiences which can come out from a real broad band Internet with no up or down time speed can give the customer the most satisfying experience. More and more e commerce facilities are now branching upon creating new avenues of business functions. In the earlier times, most of e commerce stores are optimized for dial up internet and not for broad band internet. Now, with the advent of broad band, most of e commerce websites are dealing with gigantic picture suggestions of products as well as they are giving a complete description of each product with suggestions and user reviews.

No private postal operators work here as a single and strong communication system. It is the major worry for e commerce marketers as they have to send the ordered products through couriers or other reliable services. It is difficult to find, a trustworthy courier system and this makes the major hurdle in the distribution system. In these times, most customers had to accept that there is no human interaction while dealing with online transactions. Many a time, due to faulty postal delivery system, many couriers lost on the way. This generates the scope of consumer dissatisfaction.

Fiscal delivery:

The first step to reduce grievances is beginning of sending once more courier in order to replace lost posts. Then, e commerce website owners partners with registered and recognized couriers. As such, door to door delivery of products becomes a reality. In this way, products reach safely to consumers. There is no tampering with product packages. In reality, in order to have full scale launching of e commerce websites, net banking, mobile broad band and a completely trustworthy posting partner are the necessity. With due course of time, India is empowering itself with extraordinary speed internet, net banking and reliable courier system.

Traditional market is running inside India, where, the majority of customers are paying cash while purchasing. Even though there are provisions for credit or debit card payment, but most prefer to purchase through cash payment. During 2000, when e commerce websites boom in the market was there, many customers were willing to pay through debit cards, but all these were not available. Only a few banks were offering debit cards. Nationalized banks had not even started full scale computerization. Full scale computerization would lead to a perfect state and condition for net banking. Limited private banks and some foreign banks have fully computerization facilities, but people were afraid to bring debit cards from these banks as they fear for latent costs could jeopardize their fiscal management.

In-house distribution model:

Within the space of two to three years, top nationalized banks of India began full scale computerization among their institutions and it all started late but finished within a few months. Then, the concept of net banking becomes a reality. It makes the scope for net banking. Debit card with a high degree of security parameters leads it to help a strong and vibrant e commerce websites. When leading nationalized banks introduced net banking. People, who are against risk taking, are slowly changing their minds. Slowly, they enter into the arena of Internet transactions. Owing to the advent of modern day lifestyle, because both spouses are working, and have limited time for shopping, they tend to reach for online e commerce sites to purchase valuable gifts for special occasions.

Indian consumers are fearful of unseen and undiscovered upfront products. In the preliminary e commerce years, there were numerous disturbances in sending and receiving of products. Customers are dissatisfied with the products they receive. “Flipkart” is an e commerce company, which introduces in-house distribution model. It removed bottlenecks of proper distribution management and also misplaced and damaged products when in transit. It controls every segment of distribution, which removes bottlenecks within distribution management.

Lowest price index:

During 1999, Internet subscribers in India are less than three million users. During those times, Silicon Valley’s existed in some metros. “India Plaza” is the first indigenous e commerce virtual-store. It started in 1999. It began selling cds and introduced door to door deliverance of products. Online retailers are today opting for the lowest price index and speedy delivery of quality products at your door step. They are trying to outsmart all possible hurdles by cutting across all delivery channels through the combination of all possible scientific models at its best. With increase of time, people slowly believe some e commerce websites, which have given confidence to them with proper delivery system and exceptional client relationships managements. Slowly, with the opening of offline shops of the same vendor, people begin to believe these companies, which are otherwise in earlier had been considered as alien and faceless entities.

Owing to larger scale computerization among financial institutions, uses of credit and debit cards are on the rise. People are beginning to believe e commerce companies. Companies are now selling more and more lifestyle, fashion as well as superior value electronic products. People are willing to pay more through online monetary transactions. Due to popularity of social networking, people are able to discuss on diverse subjects including e commerce companies. In this approach, word of mouth spreads all across the web. Advent of bloggers led the way for review of these websites. As such, people receive a textbook picture of a polite e commerce company. Now, they can decide to purchase from which companies and leave which companies.

Creation of a new class of e commerce customers:

The Internet is a vast world and people can make a simple Google search in order to find out about the veracity of any e commerce websites. In order to have a proper decision making process, sites have now gone to high resolution images of products with multiple image galleries attached to it. People can browse through all the images and find out the exact replica of the product within e commerce websites. Psychologists believe that pictorial representation of any product, gives ample representation of product information to clients. Recently, some websites are offering high resolution images and videos of products in order to showcase diverse product information.

E commerce companies are beginning to offer lowest prices per day in order raise high sells. This strategy is being questioned by many as this can result in instant growth of the company but does not guarantee long term profits and sustainability among customers.  What is the impact of profitability among companies are remains to be seen. Numerous start ups are now introducing low cost price in order to attract consumers. They offer deals to consumers with a time tag to purchase the product. It generates a new class of customers where they shift loyalty from one e commerce site to the other in order to get maximum benefits in purchases.

Experience lounges:

Nowadays, e commerce is now part of each person’s vocabulary. People are buying plane tickets, bed sheets, saris, purses and other essential products from these websites. A novel form of merchandising in collaboration with e commerce websites is popular. It is known as “experience lounges”. People can try the dress, apparels, and other ornaments at these locations nearby for their homes and then they will return to the Internet and shop for the same products through e commerce websites.

With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, the space for e commerce is expanding. Smart phones and tablets have mobile operating system and it works just like a computer. It gives ample opportunity for users to have a great place to work and also browse their favorite products. With the introduction of apps, smart phone devices can work faster with e commerce websites. Customers from smaller towns can now have speedy access to contemporary as well as other branded products. This fills up the requisite space which is left blank after modernization.

Master of all strategy:

With all around success stories of e commerce ventures, more and more people are entering into this business. You can open a virtual shop with not much of an investment. New entrants are adopting “master of all” strategy in order to stand among many competitors. “Master of all strategy” means selling every product of e commerce platforms. This attracts more and more customers to enter into decision buying processes.

E commerce websites such as “Naaptol dot com” introduced pay as you receive policy. But there are some contradictions to this. It urges users to pay before opening the courier box. Though, it gives seven days to the user to return faulty products in order to receive refund. In remote parts of India, sometimes it would take more than ten days through courier or post to receive the returned products. “Jabong dot com” had surveyed all these faulty principles and had introduced “30 day return” policies as well as “open box delivery” system for the Users.

With all these principles, online virtual stores are building and construction of a bridge of trusts between them and customers. Trusts among consumer and client are an important part of business. While dealing with online business where most of the companies are perceived to be faceless and customers can be reached a situation of “face off”.

One click automated returns:

“Yebhi dot com” is another successful e commerce venture. It has a unique model. It started in 2009 as footwear online franchise. Slowly, it expanded its scope to other categories and expands its business according to customer choices and tastes. This online vendor helps consumer in product installation, services and after sales support. It topples many offline retail vendors after sales services. It employs management graduates in the sales department. It shows the adaptation of professionalism in its sales departments. It has introduced 100 days return policies and “one click automated returns”. It enters into emerging Indian market on the year 2004.

Slowly, e Commerce as a business is generating cut throat competitions among its major players. Every player wants to find out a niche in marketing to create its own space among all these competitions. All these niches within marketing expertise make a major phenomenon for companies to become world champions. “e Bay” has created a space for itself due to the complete eradication of middle men and third party vendors. Of late it has been facing stiff competitions from local vendors due to initialization of “cash on delivery”.

COD- a faithful distribution line:

India is a country, where most of business transactions are done in cash. The reason for this is very well known. When a person does pecuniary transactions with net banking, all the transactions are legal. Most of the people want to transact with cash only in order to avoid being caught by agencies. The reason for this is better known to those people. Soon, most of e commerce vendors realize that the primary reason for people not opting for e commerce transactions is of utilizing net banking facilities. They want to pay it by cash only. Then, they start the concept of “cash on delivery”. People are now happy and most of them are paying the products after receiving them from couriers.

Some experts believe “cash on delivery” (COD) is not a convenient option for payment transactions between customer and merchants. Experienced e commerce companies prefer online payment instead of COD. They feel new companies prefer this option as it is creating a trusted bond between merchant and customer. COD is a very inconvenient option for merchants. They have to establish faithful distribution line in order to receive payment. On the other hand customers do not feel anything insulting with this. COD gives the customer too much of time to change the mind, and they can deny receiving products even at the doorstep. If they do, the entire transactions costs can go up without any such additional profits.

What is the future of e commerce?

On the other hand, COD empowers clients and gives them sufficient time to think and ponder upon purchasing the products. It would take a long period for merchants to receive cash and this reduces the margin of profit. Industry analysts feel instead of seeing negative sides of this, merchants should vouch for constructive sides of e commerce transactions and hoping for a wonderful future ahead of them.

What is the future of e commerce? With advancement of Internet and addition of huge Internet subscribers, people are looking for more and more convenient options. With the addition of newer indigenous e comer merchants, it is expected to grow exponentially. More and more offline retail vendors are now entering into on line e commerce market. This is going to increase competition among existing e commerce merchants. Some merchants are utilizing the traditional idiot box and print media advertisements to reach to the masses. Some additional vendors are depending upon search engine optimization (SEO) methods to increase their presence in the online world.

They feel that e commerce companies should opt for online advertisements instead of reaching for offline masses. E Commerce has been prevalent in most parts of India; it is now in the state of evolution. This shows that e commerce has come of age and it is now in the state of growth. E commerce is offering platforms for small and medium sized towns where the penetration of offline big shopping malls never happens. Countless e commerce web sites are presenting virtual shopping malls to all sections of life.

A stand alone business model:

Owing to economic liberalizations, plentiful job opportunities are created. It also gives way to a prudent life style. With the increase of purchasing power among middling classes of India, they want to purchase more and more modern products. Sadly, the so called mammoth shopping malls are only for bigger cities. E commerce is providing people from smaller towns to shop for high value products. This creates opportunity for merchants to pounce upon this void left over by so called gigantic shopping malls.

E commerce merchants have sensed the opportunity. From a meager air lines ticket booking from the beginning, it has reached to a level of a complete stand-alone business sectors with a strong distribution channel all across India. Experts believe within space of two to three years, most of the business would be drawn through these shopping models. E commerce has grown to become a standalone business models. Offline shopping malls are continuously feeling the rising competition from among online merchants.

Friendly shopping:

Some business models are giving opportunities to clients to sell their second hand products on their platform at fair prices. This is a newer form of e commerce business model. It is one such business model which is actively engaging its clients. E commerce is providing privilege to customer for comparing with different products and then reaches for purchasing decisions. E commerce business models are continuously striving for innovative business models in order to stay prominent among all feathers of society. They have introduced the concept of “friendly shopping”, which empowers users the ability to read and understand product reviews before buying products. Product reviews are similar to “friendly shopping” who will help you to make buying decisions better and stronger.

E commerce merchants are striving for better and faster product delivery to clients, which enables them to retain the thrill and satisfaction of product purchasing. They are trying to reduce delivery time to a minimum in order to touch the satisfaction level of clients. “open box” policy is the latest introduction to e commerce marketing. It empowers users to touch and feel the product before COD “Cash on Delivery”. In earlier times, when people wish to purchase some products, they plan for “weekend shopping” and with family they reach to local marketplace.

Privilege customers:

E commerce is basically a dashboard of all the products, so inventory is not necessary. It directly deals with product handling and shipping. Merchants pick up products directly from the manufacturer and ship it to respective clients. This decreases the cost of product and diminished all third party vendors. So, what is the success mantra for e commerce business? They need to have huge number of “privilege customers” who should be loyal. Modern day business needs huge social networking interaction among its privileged customers. E Commerce vendors should have “Facebook page”, “twitter verified account”, “Google+ verified-account”. New product updates, grievances all should have equal space in these spheres creating a perfect and smoother social interaction.

It enables the merchants as well as customers to interact with each other and engage themselves with various subjects with each other. Some e commerce websites are now dealing with the concept of “specialty stores”. Customers prefer “specialty store” to “generic store”.

Different players are trying hard to find the blank space in the already filled e commerce merchants. The newest trend of collective marketing strategy is face-book Commerce (F-Commerce). Facebook is still to date is a failed marketing platform. Of late twitter is able to find its best selling model, but sadly face book could not materialize its gigantic database and how to utilize in maximizing profits is still not known. “F-commerce” gives access to face-book merchandising, where most of the links are redirecting to original product sites, but some links are real products which can be brought through face book. E commerce vendors are joining “F-commerce” and receive additional exposure to many people’s face book time-line.

Search engine optimization:

There are some negatives associated with “F-commerce” stores. The first is Google will not index those pages which are dealing with any sort of promotional activities. Without indexing from Google, e commerce websites which solely rely on Google search in order to establish their worldwide seems to be losing prominent visibility in virtual world.

Slowly, offline brands are realizing potential attached to e commerce ventures. Many pizza stores insist customers to order online and thus make a relationship of online as well as offline stores. This concept is distinct, but it is one such huge populous theory which centralizes entire business brand into single identifiable units. This concept is known as “single brand crossover”.

It removes barriers of online and offline positions of brands. Brick stores are slowly making cross over to click stores. It reduces the feat of faceless virtual world from customer’s perceptions. Mega offline traditional retailers are easily converting themselves from "the brick" to "the click marketing". “Brick and Click model” enhance trusts among customers as they can complain anything about product theft or bad services for offline vendors.

Secondly, people can reach to offline stores to check and validate of product which they are perceived to be purchasing from online stores. People can search and match with different brands of product online easily than reaching to offline stores and listen to salesman talk. Offline stores are getting huge benefits from these models. Customer satisfaction and customer relationships management can drive more people to stores. While clicking on online stores customers can decide about the product which they are supposedly wishing to buy and can reach at offline stores with product buying decisions.

Brick and click stores:

With the introduction of Click Stores (e commerce sites), brick stores are enhancing their credibility among existing customers. It is no easier to manage offline and online stores. There is a meaningful differentiation among brick and click stores. Companies which are able to bridge the gap between online as well as offline stores can succeed immensely and profound their stay among already established business models.

At the beginning of e commerce (dot com) revolution, analysts predict that offline shopping malls will confront survival problems. With the advent of “brick and click” model, offline stores are continuously striving to enter into the domain of the virtual world and the presence of all the products within e commerce sites is giving visiting customers added advantage of trust and decision making. In the modern world, doing business is not a simple job.
One has to be visible to the entire world. With the presence of the virtual world, more and more unique avenues for promotions are opening for business owners. Social networking is a great place where millions of users from all over the world are sharing their views. With the advent of features such as “retweet”, “plus”. And “likes”.

It is unimaginable to think, when your website is shared and retweeted by millions, how many people can see and read it. According to Internet industry standards, generally, 30 percentages of people would like to click on the link and reach at your website. Even if you are offline vendor, still you can advertise your sites through online without considerable pecuniary investment.

Brand identity:

It is all about making and maximizing followers count. In the recent run up to the assembly elections, for the first time honorable election commissioner (EC) of India have advised candidates to submit their social networking accounts (twitter, face book, Google+) to EC. This goes to show that the virtual world is fast becoming a medium of communication. Industry analysts forecast that soon, it will surpass the influence of automated news channels. The foremost reason for this popularity is the speed with which news is spread across all over the world.

Business merchants can have direct contact with customers and this enables their direct interactions with them and this creates the trust and begins to coordinate relationships among customer and business merchants. This will create a stronger “brand identity” for merchandises. So far, we have discussed exhaustive lists of how e commerce merchants are evolving day by day with smart innovation as well as intelligent capturing niche marketing. Still, there are many scopes for innovative practices, where merchants can try to experiment with this concept.

E Commerce is a nifty concept where one does not need a patent departmental offline stores inside city corner to register its presence. One should always hire for e commerce domain and hosting and then can start a new venture if he/she has a newer concept to attract existing customers and brand loyalists from other competitive e commerce merchants.

Flash sells:

Dell is computer companies which sell personalized computers to consumers. It gives a high degree of hardware customizations to suit the needs of individuals. It gives provision of after sales service as well as supplementary services according to individual taste. It opens the scope for upgrades, if a customer wants to make their computer at any point in time. There are some sites which offer personalized time management, to do lists and other important catalogues which user wants according to its privileges. “Flash sells” are meant for customers who wish to purchase “limited editions”.

Latest incarnation to e commerce shopping models are “fantasy shoppers”. It is a myriad concept in which players play a game, and compete with other contestants in order to cross the hurdles and win deals and coupons over 300 shops. Those shops are really in the locality and by winning deals and coupons, customers can gain, earning opportunities and can earn opportunities to go for “best deal of the day”. It is still a new concept; it attracts many youngsters who are always prone to play computer-games. Industry experts feel that customers are now become more demanding and they want e commerce vendors should look at them as “valuable customers”. It will create “brand loyalty” as well as privileged customers tag will enable them to muster out their choices.

3D secure passwords:

With the advent of internet banking or net banking, which empowers user control over their own bank accounts? They can watch each and every transaction in detail, without going to the respective branches time and again. The logical progression from net banking is to mobile banking. Mobile banking gives opportunity to users for broad scale progression to always on connectivity. With the advent of applications (apps) for numerous mobile stores, it enables the user to connect directly with mobile banking with a single click. It brings much needed portability in payment of separate services and transactions. Major banks have introduced two ways authentication systems with “3D secure password” empower users with additional protection while making financial transactions.

Near field communications (NFC):

All these developed compounding create a constructive environment for e commerce financial transactions. With the addition of new futuristic technology named as “Near field communication” (NFC) which empowers the user for payment of the shake or click of a phone. NFC is in its nascent stage and with due course of time, it will be available in all major smart phones. Now, in India only a few smart phones have NFC enabled. This will be the future of all transactions. It is one of the safest and secure ways for financial transactions. It will take e commerce transactions to a completely new level.


In the beginning, you have doubts over security of e commerce franchises. This article dealt with a fundamental understanding of how e commerce transactions are comprehended. It is an evolving matter and it will continue to evolve. Knowledge is power and absolute power comes with unconditional responsibility. Do not believe any website if it is unbelievable. Do not shop in haste. Do not shop from insecure websites. Do not use public computers while performing payments to e commerce websites. Do not use a third party application on your smart phone devices. Do not respond to fake calls and do not give your user name and passwords of net banking to anyone.

The Internet is a vast and complicated field having nodes and internodes of computers from all over the world. Data travel and traverse through all these computers before reaching destination. If certain e commerce website is redirecting you while payment to a third party website, then stop the transactions and do not try to log into their website again. One should not be a computer geek to understand all these “safe computing practices”. We as Indians always seek of conveniences and we always feel a difficulty in getting out shopping of e commerce vendors catering to the need of all Indians who wants to buy good products at cheapest possible prices (best deals). E Commerce vendor is the answer to all this and what I need to say more.

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