We have been hearing in news, discussions, movies and commercials for the last two decades about a new term namely “nano”. It might have repercussions for unimaginable smallness of a tentative insight into the natural world with a concept that is yet to be verified but that if true would explain a possible alternative theologian who believes that the “Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse” (the Book of Revelation). “Nanomaterials” are those tangible substance of the physical object that can be reworked into a finished product which has structured artifact that can be separated from or attached to a system which is a part of the physical structure with wide lesser to 100nm. 

What is nanotechnology? 

Generally, “nano” means small. Most of us never are cognizant of an immense cosmos that could barely exist on such a minuscule atomic level. A bigger world is located in the bounds of small nanotechnology. It is the branch of technology for the time yet to come. The discussions in the field of nanotechnology arouse interest among tech enthusiastic supporter for an intensive skillfulness in the command of fundamentals such as “fountains of youth”, “elixir of life”, “harbinger of death”, “end of mankind”. “Nanotechnology” is all about physically thrusting down to immeasurably small atomic level which is a bit of atomic idea about existence of whole life therein. “Nano” is difficult to perceive by sight as you cannot touch on the point. How to manufacture a product that cannot be touched, seen and felt? Will this end intimation of coercion of fear installed via detectors? 

Will we even remain as living human beings distinguished by superior intelligence, articulate talking and of erect carriage? I imagine “nanobots” created out of nanotechnologies, proceeding hurriedly inside wounded parts of human body metamorphosing entirely to the visual aspect of “cybernetic organism” of a human being whose body has been taken over in part by electromagnetic devices consist of nanotechnology. I shall try to answer all of these uncertainties about the truth more through the course of this article. After going through this writing, reader can form a critical opinion of whether nanotechnology is a boon to people or bane to their lives. 

How nanotechnology got out is a mystery? 

Nanotechnology has colossal possibilities of a tentative insight into the natural world of a viable alternative to the manifold meaning attached to the events that exist anywhere. Nanotechnology is the control and reflex of vaguely specified matter of a nano scale. These applications are similar to apps of smart phones which are third party computer codecs which can run within mobile-operating system. Applications which come out from “nanotechnology” are called “cyborgs”. They work within the human body considering it as one such natural operating-system. This creates the problem, whether after implementing all these apps on the human body, the basic nature of what human still remains unique? 

What is unique is that matters in the state of solid, liquid and gas can present different prominent attributes in a distinctive way than it is in accordance with scientific laws when these physical matters collegiate with the relative magnitude of “nano scale”. It begs to differ from essential attributes of tangible substance made of natural and synthetic artifacts. “Nanotechnology” changes unique attributes of solid, liquid and gaseous substances through implementation of natural chemical balance of “nano scale”. “Nano science” is popularly called as “nanotechnology”. One “nanometre” (nm) is 1/1,000,000,000 meter. Just imagine, a “nanometre” is the one billionth of a meter, and how tiny it could possibly be and how could such a large world of living structures circulating all around inside it, no one could ever imagine. 

Nano particles: 

It is a promiscuous virtue for scientists to observe extremely minuscule world of “nanotechnology”. High powered magnifier unable to show what is going inside nano-atoms. It is the specialized device attached with these high density microscopes, which enable scientists to observe movements inside outer three dimensional boundaries of atomic surface of “nanotechnology”. According to quantum theory of physics properties such as freezing point (the temperature below which a liquid turns into solid), visible radiation (light emitted during the absorption of radiation of some invisible wave length), electrical conductivity, magnetic permeable (the property of something that can be pervaded by osmosis or diffusion) changes according to atomic-structure. 

Do we need nanotechnology? 

We need nanotechnology in almost every sphere of our day to day lives. It is of no doubt; it will make our life more assure with ameliorating health care system, through economic resource management practices. Nanotechnology will provide point-of-care testing through the lab-on-a-chip drug applications. Small “cyborgs“ will be infused into blood cells to detect the exact nature of tumors. Fighter “cyborgs” will be infused into blood cells to disinfect and kill exact cells of blood-cancer. “Nano shells” will swim across the body to react to cancer cells to cure those cells within days. DNA mapping of new born babies can be done while they are inside mother’s womb thus removing many such unimaginable diseases before they grow inside toddler’s body. There are many more possibilities of future successes with “nano medicines”. It converts from one to the other. The main problem with resources is that it tends to become zero in times of need and it creates a void when one needs the most. 

Nanotechnology can revive available resources and optimize its utilization to the maximum level. Engine of cars will be lighter thus more horse power can be easily incorporated into it without compromising heat and weight factor of engines. With the advent of “quantum dots” in ambiance factors of lighting, voluminous factors as well as less energy actors gain prominent roles in dealing with energy consumption. Nanotechnology can be utilized in each and every sphere of life with full capacity. This technology will make superior and inexpensive solar cells. It will provide efficient low cost water purification technologies that will produce cleaner water for poor and developing countries. The main worries of people near the sea side are the availability of sweet water. Most of the waters are saline and cannot be used by human as well as cannot be utilized for crops. The desalinization of water is expensive, as the machinery costs are higher and the maintenance of it higher than the cost of machines. With the installation of nanotechnology the cost of desalinization machines will be cheaper. Thus through these machines sea water can be converted to sweet waters and can be used for humans and crops. 

Nanotechnology for military war room strategies: 

Nanotechnology will produce smart weapons powered by lightweight mechanisms to create superior arsenals for military departments. It will reduce weight of tankers, fighter jets, body armors and temporary bridges to a meager minimum capacity. Smart weapons and smart bullets can pack one million times powers of marvelous computers inside tiny spaces. It does not require the chip to function as computer instead it will run through tiny nanotechnology cubes installed within. Nanotechnology will soon revolutionize the world in which it has been seen and felt. All military weapons installed with microscopic chips of nanotechnology will begin to scan its surroundings and report to headquarter about actual time changing situation thus creating a strong sense of war-room strategies to deal with enemies. The most important part of nanotechnology makes it cheaper and tiny and most of the times can be viewed or felt with dull senses. With the use of nanotechnology varying size of allaying of metals can be formed. Aluminum can be converted into “nano-aluminum” with nanotechnology to fit into nuclear and hydrogen bombs to have precise accretion while during a strike at location. This will reduce collateral damage and friendly fire. 

Quantum cryptography: 

Nanotechnology can be used for peaceable purposes. Chemical sensors builds with these technologies can find precise information of where chemical weapons are hoarded and where imminent chemical strike will be going to make and in this way, by using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) installed with chemical sensors powered with nanotechnology can detect from a distance the traces of chemical weapons and thus a full scale chemical and biological wars can be throttled in the middle. In this way path-breaking real time situation analysis could be done without any such difficulty permutations and combinations. Today computer chips are made of “lithography” and the cells are done with “stone writing”. Efforts are on to produce high memory cells with lesser spaces so that the weight of the computer will never ever be heavier. With increase of memory more and more functions can be efficiently done. Servers can be smoothly run with trillions of gigabytes-spaces. With the advent of “quantum cryptography” powered by nanotechnology, memory capacity of the hard drive could be enhanced to an astronomical level yet the physical size of the hard drive becomes smaller due to tiny size of “nano cubes”. The same technology will be applied to build “quantum computers” of smaller in size but with astronomical size of memory could create a new wave of computing devices that can fit with any such third party application with ease. 

Diamond fibers: 

Today, most airplanes are made of metals mostly of aluminum, which is strong but has some weight. This compromises the construction of engines owing to weight factor, as it is evident from aero-dynamical designs definite restriction of weight need to be maintained in order to aircraft fly smoothly. Diamonds are the strongest and the lightest material that can be utilized with aeroplanes but sadly the cost and availability of diamonds compel manufacturers to use aluminum instead of diamonds. Nanotechnology will convert small atoms of diamonds into large “diamond fibers” to use with aeroplanes converts to make it light 50 times than that of current weight made of aluminum fibers. “Diamond fibers” made from nanotechnology will reduce the weight of aeroplanes. It will reduce the cost of travel in space as to pay the cost of travel in space is very costly due to high cost of materials used in space-voyages. Nanotechnology in a surprising manner will reduce the cost of space voyages and materials and soon many common people will afford for space-travel. It is all in probability, of reaching to distant destinations of the universe starting from Mars. 

Through the study of primeval people and cultures through their material remains, it goes on show existence of nanotechnology in ancient times. In the ancient times, it was certainly not called as nanotechnology, but evidence of products received from excavation of archaeological department proves the existence of such science in ancient times. Dichroic glass of British Museum of London dates back to the Roman age. Dichroic is a pleochroism of a crystal so that it exhibits two different colors when viewed from two distinct directions. It has “nano particles” of gold and silver with a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension. Due to presence of colloidal gold and silver, traversing light creates translucent red color from its original opaque green. This colloidal mixture allows light to pass through diffusely creating a semitransparent object. It is the earliest surviving nanotechnology materials till to date. Some researchers are of opine that it could be a byproduct of accidental creation. Many researchers believe all these were accidental creations. 

Nano particles enabled glass materials: 

In medieval times, glass paintings, drawings show creative work sensitivity and imagination. There are abundant instances of use of nanotechnologies within glass work during these times. Vigorous and animated, stained paintings of large and important churches show the presence of “nano materials” made from rich colors of “nano particles” of gold chlorides and other chlorides and metal-oxides. The sensational appearance which is giving thrilling in effect is only possible due to the use of large scale “nano particles” (tiny in nature and not visible to naked eyes) in designing glass-materials. The significant function is of filtering airs from inside large cathedral as research proves when rays of sun touches nano particles enabled glass materials; it can then demolish airborne contaminated waste matters and erratic changeableness hydro-carbons. 

Father of modern nanotechnology: 

In Abbasid, potters use cosmetic technology through luster-ware which is a metallic sheen produced by adding metallic-oxides to the glaze. It creates the visual property of the poster that shines with reflected light. Abbasid is the ancient name of modern Iraq. It is the mysterious alchemy of silver and copper “nano-particles”. That emits two different shades of color in the sunshine and in shades. In the modern era, the discovery of photography is one of the finest deterrent examples of nanotechnology applied science. Silver is a soft white metallic precious element with a high degree of electrical and thermal conductivity. Light is an electromagnetic with a visual sensation of a physical-object. Michael Faraday, the English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction pertaining to magnetism produced by an electric charge in motion are considered father of modern nanotechnology. He prepared first “metallic colloid” by scientific observation from gold. This precious gold colloid is “ruby”. It gives a deep and vivid color with a semitransparent deep red variety of a hard abrasive metal colloid. 

The book is entitled “Of Chemistry, Love and Nanobots” written by Richard E. Smalley forms a mental image of assemblers tiny robots which is a program created with nano particles as hardware programming. Then it is converted into machine language to build things from the smallest component of an element having the chemical and physical properties of the element. He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for productive insight of “fullerenes”. “Fullerenes” are a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more atoms of carbon. “Fullerenes” discovery leads to some path breaking platforms for easy creation of “nano structures”. All these are not concept, but can become true due to the advent of brilliant nanotechnology which can constitute small “nanobots” self-reliance tiny particles which will have “artificial intelligence” and life. Atoms are small and their restricted circular movements within “nanobots” will not utilize high percentages of energy and this creates absolute possibility of “self-replicating-nanobots”. 

Concept of self-replicating nanobots: 

Slowly the concept of “self-replicating nanobots” can be a possibility in the near future and it is not a myth to create self revived living objects. There are plenty of feasible fantasies associated with “nanotechnology”. It is not a process; humans had to arrange the set of atoms either manually or through mechanized machines in order to arrange “nano particles”. “Nanotechnology” is not an alchemy-process. Alchemy is an automatic-process. In “nanotechnology” one has to completely use his mind and hand to arrange the structure of “nano particles”. There are some schools of thought that “nanotechnology” will make rocket sheets ultimate strength that cannot pass wind force. Rocket sheets made from diamond will create super strong unbreakable rocket-sheets. Diamond can be broken with a high voltage insulated-environment. “Nanotechnology” cannot change the basic chemistry of atoms, when atoms of diamond can be dissolved due to some level of heat, then also sheet made from diamond can also be broken when the same level of temperature comes into contact with those rocket sheets. 

This goes on to prove “nanotechnology” is not full proof, but it can reduce the cost of materials by making similar products from the source product. It is considered a diamond as rarity due to its crystalline carbon value and it takes many years for carbon to become a diamond. Diamond is considered the strongest materials on earth and for this it is always advisable to use it as aeroplanes and rockets sheets. Building rockets out of a diamond is a costly affair as it will add to already sky-rocketing prices of aeroplanes. 

Enemies of nanotechnology: 

Here comes the vitality of “nanotechnology” in a long way. With this technology we could build sheets of diamonds through the process of “construction of nano particles”. Cost of product reduces astronomically as well as sufficient increase of safety parameters of aeroplanes. This technology can easily build diamonds and the cost of production would be less. Diamond consists of carbons. There are numerous asteroids which are scattered around the universe and from there in the future carbons can be imported back into the earth. “Natural radiation” is the number one enemy of nanotechnology. When external energy transmitted inside the human body and rearranges existing atoms of human body cells, disturbances occur and this creates cancer. Similarly, when a object is formed utilizing complicated “nanotechnology” comes under strong sense of radiation from external energy sources which have the power of rearrange already manipulated atoms and if this break of arrangement occurs more than 50 percentages of already constituted atomic structure, then the entire structure of “nano particles” breaks up. 

The second obstruction of creating a strong “nano particles” is the existence of “atom magnet”. Atoms will reach to each other, when they are being separated through a different set of rules of “nanotechnology”. Atoms will pull one another when they are being separated from one another. It is difficult to rearrange atoms in a broader sense as when one atom is placed in one separate chamber; other related atoms will try to pull those atoms into their side through “Van der Walls force”. Secondly, the chemical relationships between two atoms would allow each atom to be rearranged in a certain specified manner and its location cannot be altered in 360 degrees, as due to the presence of chemical bonding, rearrangements of atoms are difficult. None of these constricting forces are noticeable with naked eyes, but these forces restrict rearrangement of atoms when certain principles of “nanotechnology” are applied to these atoms. 

How atoms functions within its mating surfaces: 

We cannot assume real world physical structural practices can be logically necessary consequence for building “nano-particles”. The world of the atom is not exactly the same as the real world. It is a complex structure. Here, one can infer the ball bearing example in order to simplify the understandings of how atoms functions within its mating surfaces. Ball-bearing contains small metal balls and they are placed in a circular path. The metal balls are circular and they are placed with one another and grease are applied in order to reduce friction and all balls stays in tight with each other and thus ball bearing functions as intended. Grease makes the circular path smoother and thus metal balls move with reduced friction. If we build an atomic duplicate copy of ball bearing, we need grease like materials in its mating surfaces. In real world grease are made from graphite. In the atomic world, graphite atoms are very big and it cannot be placed at the mating surfaces of atoms due to its large size. Secondly, matters within atom surfaces behave in a similar texture and characteristics. Even atoms from other matters could not be suitable to smooth mating surfaces within atomic matters. Atoms behave just like photographs, which are covered with particles with consistent textures. The physical laws of atomic matter and the real world are completely different. 

Various research scientists believe differently. They see prospects of vast accumulation of possibilities with “nanotechnology”. What they hate is the advent of limitations of human understandings to limit its thinking boundaries. They feel researchers are comparing real world with atomic matter which is not synonymous with parameters. Both worlds are different from each other, as environment of existence is vastly different. The most difficult part of humanity is its brain, as it tends to comprehend and get pre-conceived ideas of restricting vast possibilities that can be performed with a proper guidance and straight forward blind approach. 

Be the fact that we humans confused a lot? 

Somewhere in the past, people feel that energy is infinite and we can garner and generate more and more energy to satisfy our needs to perform day to day activities. Similarly, there need to be some sort of principle to which atomic matters are residing in its mating surfaces. They are pulled towards each other with van der Wall's forces. What is surprising this force is strong but maintained by neutral atoms arising out from the polarization induced in each set of matters by the presence of additional particles. This force is not autonomous and does not follow any set of rules and these forces are not spontaneous, as it exists in the neutral sense of just reaching for its optimum parameters. Research scientists have to find the rules from within all these available scientific entities, and they have to cross human comprehension beyond its limits and stretch their mind to last stage of elasticity limits in order to find the definite set of rules of atomic matters in which they reside within. 

It seems human brains have limitations. Are we humans confused a lot? Still to date, we have not found the way to cross the cosmos within the shortest feasible time. We are calculating the entire cosmos in the measurement of “light year”. Why we cannot reach beyond the measurement of light? Why there are two contradictory theories of some advance physical structures which are making understanding of the entire cosmos in a macro level as well as atoms in micro level is difficult to think beyond a certain perceptible limits. Many rational thinkers are now supporting “string theory”. In this way, the sheer fallacy associated with human imagination is mitigated with a true sense of ideas in order to find the correct way of atomic mating-surfaces. 


Invisible marvels of nanoworld

of atoms: 

Many physicists believe atoms reside in ten to 11 dimensions. It is the magnitude of atoms in which objects and individuals can be distinguished. Humans are distinguishable for their three dimensions namely length, breadth and height. Beyond this limit for ordinary humans it is a desolate surface. It is not the end of the road. History suggests when there are no limitations of human comprehension; it can go beyond its limits to reach to the ultimate discovery of hidden theories of physics. With the help of “nanotechnology” humans can go beyond its comprehension. Multiple characteristic of human perception can go beyond its mental concept with the help of “matrix”. It is a computer simulation programming with a rectangular array of expressions of rows and columns, arranged in a singular entity with perceived interstellar substances manipulated according to ground substances. It is the clear materialization of more than three dimensional presentations of a simulated environments within the computer, and after going through details of it, physicists could go beyond imagination to manipulate matters within atomic environment through implementation of “nano particles”. “Matrix” gives simulated ideas of constructing a physical object, and “nanotechnology” presents avenues for building practical possibilities of creating manipulated multi dimensional objects. 

It can be a possibility of some day; scientists will find the capricious law of motion which is influencing chemical bonding within atomic particles. We know there exists the bonding and it is time to go beyond and find out the energy measurement which is holding atoms together. History suggests how great physicists have discovered numerous smart ideas and discoveries that are beyond mortal comprehension. It rectifies human basic instinct which considers what it sees in his senses. Physicists have two tools to reach this ultimate destination. They can visualize any concept through computer simulation of “matrix” and then can reach to conclusive ideas by building objects with “nanotechnology”. If all possibilities are achieved then many mysteries associated with the cosmos which is spreading beyond the life span. Navier-stokes calculation is an approximation calculation of quantity which calculates the motion movements of fluids with a certain room temperature and pressure, but failed to predict the movement of cloud. It creates the designing complex constraints for “nanotechnology” which ultimately seem to stop ever expanding realm of this technology. This obstructs creation for definite movements of fluid atoms from where the ultimate prediction of manipulation of structural changes gives most difficult understandings of structure of “nanotechnology”. So far we have discussed designing constraints of “nanotechnology”. There are many future potential prospects which can bring forth drastic and far reaching changes in the way of information technology (IT), environmental developments, security, medicinal drugs and toiletry designed to beatify the body. 

Nanotechnology gives infinite number of possibilities: 

The biggest challenges of the 21st century will be impending energy crisis all around the world. We have limited natural gases and the challenge is to use energies in an apt and consistent manner in order to find better challenging solutions of the future. They are now quite confident of creating “nano scale-material”. Natural energies will be costlier. Developed countries are marching towards industrialization. Countries like China and India have more industries which require countless energy requirements for continuous development and these demand huge energies. Use of this technology in alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, bio fuels, nuclear fusion and hydrogen bio fuels can contribute to indefinite number of energy sources. 

Efficient utilization of “nanotechnology” in the sphere of medicine is known as “nano medicine”. Most prominent among these are the available cheaper medical diagnostic-equipment. Tiny nano-contrast agents will float through blood streams and will detect the exact state of liver, blood cancers by reaching for tumors to detect its stages. Medical scientists have success in creating “scaffolds” made from “nano tubes” and “nanofibres”. All these artificial tissues, when injected into cancerous liver and blood cells can act like life-streams. It will help immensely to cardiovascular patients by replacing fat tissues with “nano fibers” created through structural-manipulation of atoms. The most important problem attached to treatment of blood cancer is about finding right kind of medicines. Most of the times, the measurement comes from individual approximation of doctors. That is why everywhere physicians talk of early detection and treatment of cancer for successful treatment of disease. “Nano cells” will be injected to affect part and then it will soon float towards these cancerous cells, and then the laser beam will be reflected on “nano cell” and this would excite these and they will shred heat on cancer cells. Then cancerous cells will be burned down and it will give space for newer cells. It will be a boon to cancer patients by giving them hope for a new lease of life. 

Bio molecules similar to exact tissues and fibers: 

Creation of “bio molecules” by medical scientists is a real success in the field of “nanotechnology”. This lead to creating of non-toxic biological tissues that can replace natural tissues, which can solve many difficult diseases such as osteoarthritis, brain stroke and Alzheimer’s. It will create cartilages inside joints and help a person to live a normal and healthy life. Many medical scientists are trying to construct “bio molecules” which can imitate exact living tissues and fibers. Think of successful mobile operating system from Google known as “Android”. It is like turning a mechanical device into a semi-automatic “Humanoid”. Within few decades central nervous system of humans and electronic-devices will be connected. Then, it will be easier to attach “bio molecules” plug-ins into humans. It will work like android eco-system. Thus, human body will become a semi-humanoid operating-system. It will create an easy interface between neurons and electronic devices to conduct nerve impulses from brains. Serious nerve diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy can be cured easily. Nanotechnology will be used to create medicines more prognostic, pre-preemptive, personalized, and regenerative. 

Water is indispensable part of life. Clean water is elemental to a good health. Third world countries have been dealing with polluted water problems for extended time due to lack of availability of resources. “Nanotechnology” can ameliorate cleaning of water by getting rid of impurities, prevents the state of water being polluted, clean up dirty waters of underground, lakes and ponds. In these countries, most of health hazards are related to water borne diseases. Climate change, poverty, warring zones and natural hazards makes availability of pure drinking water impossible for people. “Nano particles” can be used to disable chemically tailored particles inside dirty-water. Modern water purifiers have been using active carbon materials to filter impurities. After research it has been found that “multiwall-carbon nano tube” made from “nanotechnology” works better than solid-state-carbon. After doing carbon manipulation through multiwall nano structures, some carbon nano particles act as accelerators of chemical reaction to sterilize harmful chemical components dissolved in water. It can kill bacteria and can be a substitute of chlorine for pure drinking water. 

The aim is to create stylish pliable sheet of tissues that connect water cells with anti-microbiol artifact resembling a material layer of a boundary in a mechanically reflex manner to regulate membrane workings. “Nanotechnology” is a viable strategy of water purification from emerging list of growing pollutants. The principal aim of incorporating “nanotechnology” is to implement satellite treatment systems for specific substance of contaminants through centralized water treatment plants. 

Is this the beginning of death of humanity and freedom? 

The history of computers in the past 20 years has seen profound advance in the field of quantum physics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. The future of nanotechnology is almost impossible to predict, the probable power to transform imagination to reality. Some predict “World War III” is the end of the world. Within short specified time, more and more realistic happenings which will surprise the world. The contemporary nuclear preparation is certainly in a state of stealth due to heavy dependence of a nation to the other in preparing assembly of nuclear-fission. There are speculations of a superior competitive advantage over terrorists in guerrilla-warfare. “Hybrid nanotechnology” gives superior advantage to nations over terrorists, but what about terrorists accessing such technology? So, the fear of this technology diminishes when each party of conflict has same identical powers and access to the same level of technology. It seems to suggest the war is not based on availability of nuclear materials, but it is about acquiring supremacy over natural oil and acquisition of rare nuclear raw-material. 

The very notion of “nanotechnology” is to create cheap and convenient products, which can give a smarter way of living standards of the common man. Many weird thinkers can give it to a different direction with absolute modification of atomic structure to have strong evil ammunition that can create havoc and fear around people in general. Bill Gates is very positive with the development of nanotechnology. He predicts within coming 20 years, most of the work will be done with the help of this technology and many “cyborgs” created from cybernetic organism will perform most office-duties. “Cyborgs” are born human beings whose body is taken over by electro-mechanical-devices. The time will tell but now it seems research scientists are agog with expandable possibilities of developments of products from “nanotechnology”. It will create a state of “trans-humanism” which will be the combination of virtual reality, synthetic biology and artificial-intelligence. An absolute and centralized controlled totalitarian authority will take away individual freedom of citizens by converting them to “cyborg” slaves. Through the use of superior “nano devices”, certain races can be annihilated within seconds with precision of the strike through “cyborg” wars and ammunition created with “nano particles”. The ambiguous anxiety towards this technology is going beyond the boundaries risking the existence of humanity through strange and alien notions with a symbol of scientific arrogance arising out of conditions of life of an imaginary place of deprivation, oppression and terror. 

Pigment of imagination: 

Installation of “nano particles” inside humans is the most insidious source of the scourge which will affect the basic existence of human beings. The predication of these mechanical human beings will be entirely different from that of existing human beings. All these are now pigment of imagination but after 20 to 30 years all these imagination will have the cover of reality due to brilliant “nanotechnology”. It should not be like what real world situation is, there ought to be another form of process, through which frictions inside atomic mating surfaces can be reduced to a considerable extent and all these generation of ideas, can lead to a process of different scientific researches which can modify, existing atomic physical process for introduction of “nanotechnology”. 

Exclusive science fiction products can become a reality within 20 years due to the process of structural molecular manufacturing through the process of “nanotechnology”. The preliminary steps are to develop assemblers. Assemblers can be developed through nanoscopic machines. Scientists will need millions of assemblers in order to manufacture structural manufacturing products. These assemblers would manipulate individual atoms and create a modified molecule structure which can work better than its original molecular formations. Each assembler would build another one and the number of assemblers would increase exponentially. All these run with an object known as nano gear, which works in assembly to constitute a single object. It creates coherence among different parts of molecules. Trillions of molecular structures are still residing in the tiny place which cannot be seen with eyes. This gives adequate space for building a super nano structures. In this way, objects can be used in different technology with single installation. Through these processes, cheaper products can be manufactured. With all these structural manipulation, replication of any substance such as diamond, water or so can be created and the cost of production is to less than human imagination. 

Airborne nano robots: 

In ancient scriptures, we have read in about sages living for a thousand years. All these are many a times ridiculed by western and eastern rational thinkers. There is every possibility of reversing age loss and increasing life expectancy of people by manipulating cell structures through the process of nanotechnology. This creates ample evidence to suggest that the ancient scriptures have told of evergreen life of sages is true and now scientists within a few decades will soon materialize into reality. Nanotechnology is no longer part of a hazy concept. It works in reality and it modifies the structure of existing cells or molecules or atoms and then it creates nanoscopic machines within a tiny space in order to have complete authorization of machines. It does not create new machines or biological cells, but it modifies existing ones in the manner it can produce its best. More and more practical nano materials in the field of medicines are developing. Nano medicines have power to change appearances of people. It can negate sun burn and can give skin tone additionally recommended to boost in order to save the person from skin cancer. Nano robots made from nanotechnology can be useful in performing the role of surgeons. They can do diagnostic surgery with tolerable precision. In this way, life of humans can be saved in times to come. 

Airborne nano robots could fly easily in the air and they can perform repair of the ozone layer in order to protect the atmosphere. Nanotechnology products are manufactured through reverse engineering processes (bottom-up process). It does not add supplementary products and it is not required huge power plants and plenty of staffs and electricity to run. It creates less pollution. It automates every process such as cutting of trees, drilling inside soil and so on. It rides the task easier. It is cheaper, and works in an expedient manner. While working no such superfluous man-power is a necessity. It makes life easier and it is approachable to the environment. Some experts feel probable application with nanotechnology is mostly illusory and will not be reality in the foreseeable future. If this trend of surpassing of reality of reality continues, it will soon be the same sort of level that of simulated reality once had. Due to the tiny size of nano particles, there is every possibilities of biological nano cells made from nanotechnology could trespass blood-brain barriers. This is a crucial barrier, which protects the brain from harmful materials and bloods transfusing into brain. If biological nano cells enter in to this domain, then it can infect the brain and thus create complications. Biological nano cells are smaller than blood cells and it can easily enter into blood-brain barriers. 

Nano transistors and nano gears: 

In layman’s term, nanotechnology is the study of the formation, structure and ethics of how atoms are created to make bigger structures. Research scientists believe there is a galactic world which is residing around atomic mating environment that it is considered to be. How quantum mechanics works in such infinitesimal level? It is still promoting science. The biggest problem with nanotechnology is implementation of an antithetical set of rules while dealing with atoms. Most of laws failed to imply why atoms pulled each other and from where basic energy requirements come? Diamond as a substance behaves differently from its atoms. Atom of diamond shows different characteristics, but surprisingly when all atoms create a bond to have a matter of the diamond behaves differently. Nanotechnology is all about keeping main characteristics of atoms when they are in quantum scale and when all these atoms are pulled together to construct a different set of matter through trillions of safe generated molecules, it behaves different way and it produces the same matter with cheaper cost of production. The first task is to produce mass scale tiny transistors and nano gears. It will take time produces such nano gears in large scale. We need trillions of nano particles to produce nano matters. Each nano molecules contain nano transistors and nano wires. We need trillions of such nano material to produce a matter.

We can produce diamond with the help of nanotechnology but still to date scientists have been unable to produce micro-processor transistor in order to fit into tiny nano cells. So, till to date it is difficult to produce biological nano cells which have the ability to swim across the blood stream to reach affected parts. How to build tiny microprocessor and nano wires that cannot be visible to naked eyes are the matters which worry scientists till to date. How to build nano microprocessor and nano wires that can be fit into nano atoms? All are not worse what it appears to be as scientists are finding a way out to supersede existing microprocessor technologies and they are examining use of nano gears made from tiny nano atoms. Nanotechnology has huge social concerns. Suppose one day, this technology becomes a reality and we can build any manufacturing devices and products with a click of mouse and then the concerned nano robots will start the manufacturing process of collecting trillions of nano particles and with the help of nano gear the product modification and manipulation process begins. The entire industry will not need such huge man power and huge industrial tools and machines, and this can have a catastrophic effect on careers of countless professionals and daily wage workers. Many employees will be fired, and many families will be affected due to unemployment. If anything can be replicated then, in the long run fake currency will be equally real currencies. 

Would we need any currency for transactions:

Then the role of currency will be completed. With it, the economy of the world will see an accomplish turn around owing to zero value of currencies. Anything can be obtained through the process of replicator and no supplementary resources will be necessary. Would we move towards a completely automated economy? Would we need any currency for transactions? Nanomedicines be set to systematic healing of treatment of total diabetes control. It is a priceless gift to diabetes patients paving their approach for total healing of disease. Nanotechnology will create a “smart delivery” system of glucose inside the human body to regulate flow of glucose inside body. Hormones secreted through pancreas regulates storage of glycogen in the liver which stimulates burning of sugar in cells. Body fuel is stored inside glycogen and it stays stored inside liver and converts into glucose when needed by the body. Nanotechnology replicates work of pancreatic cells which produce insulin. It effectively heals the problem of creation of glucose inside the human body and diabetes is cured totally. 

Nano medicines could one day replace the need for people with diabetes to take medicines. People could consumer sugar again and could live a healthful routine life. It is generally recognized by physicians that ongoing methods of diagnosing diabetes levels are not enough. Advances in the field of nanotechnology may be the solution. Research scientists are promoting a technique to avoid the process of testing of a technique in which the body s entered by an incision. They are creating a prototype of an unforced solvent which can work through the breath which may accurately detect blood sugar levels.  Although more study into this is required. The principal aim is to create ‘smart delivery’ mechanisms for insulin creation. 


As a conclusion to this topic, I would say, nanotechnology is a revolutionary new science which may bring science fiction movies in the near future be valid. Nano robots could change entirely the functioning of medical science. It is widely perceived nano medicines may bring down the cost factor associated with medical treatment. Nanomedicines could bring timely diagnosis of diseases. Nanotechnology empowers scientists to manipulate the inner structure of molecules of an object to turn it into more durable object than before. Nanotechnology will provide copious green energy. It can make stronger and lighter wind blades to generate more electricity from wind mills. Soon, people can afford to have their peculiar wind mill at their household. This will reduce the use of electricity and will make abundant energy resources. By using carbon nano tube, the wind blades will be stronger and lighter than traditional wind blades. In the future, this technology will cover a lot of domains. The mystery involving future will end. It gives potential future progresses with a high degree of technology promises.

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