What is Touch screen monitor

Touch screen monitors are very useful. As a user, you get the freedom from multiple hardware devices to operate the computer system. Monitors with touch screen are popular all over the world. First touch screens monitor is developed in 1971. In modern days, touch screen monitors are used for commercial purpose. Such monitors are frequently used in hotels, ATM, restaurants and computer training centres. In many restaurants, screen touch monitor is used for placing order without dealing with restaurants clerk. Touch screen monitors are very useful in computer learning centre. A learner can focus only on screen and not on the technical issues in what way to operate hardware. There are two forms of touch screen systems. Touch screen monitor or touch screen add-on. Touch screen add-on technology is used for converting an existing display system into a touch screen system. You can place all touch screen add-on sensitive peripheral in front of your ordinary monitor. To the overlay and the PC, a controller is connected. It is use for communicating between the display, the PC and the monitor.


Touch screen monitor is another form of touch screen display. It is a complete set of hardware. It has a screen having built-in touch sensitive overlay. Touch screen monitors comprises of two popular technologies, The LCD display and the CRT display.

Full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display and full form of CRT is Cathode Ray Tube. As compare to CRT, LCD is more expensive. Therefore has more advanced technology as compare to CRT. Touch screen display is a kind of an integrated system. In terms of functionality, there is no difference between a touch screen add-on and touch screen display. Hence, every manufacture company makes both kinds of touch screens. Every human-made object, possesses both advantages and disadvantages. Let us them discuss one by one.


1. The advantages that make touch screen popular among people is that it does not need a keyboard or mouse. All kinds of typing and selecting folder can be performed by moving your finger directly on the monitor screen.

2. In many cases, users become frustrated by the noise produced during typing and selecting a folder with the help of mouse, it device is best for you because it cannot produce such noises. 

3. When you compare it to ordinary mouse or track pad, it is faster and easy to use. You get everything that you want in just a couple of touches.

4. As compared to the typical keyboard, it requires a gentle touch to type.

5. As compared to the ordinary monitors, its picture quality is sharper and clearer. High quality images are possible only on touch screen monitors.

6. You can use touch screen monitor at any places. One thing needs to be considered, keep it away from water. 

7. It is easy to prepare a presentation easily and accurately by using available handwriting recognition software that convert it to digital form.

8. You can easily drag and re-sized a picture by moving your finger over touch screen. Zoom in and zoom out of images can do easily as compare to ordinary monitors.

9. Touch screen display can be used as an excellent educational tool. It is ideal for your children as they play interactive games over touch screen monitors. 


Along with advantages, touch screen monitors has some disadvantages. Think deeply before buying a new one.

1. Touch screen monitors are not waterproof. Users need to take extra precaution while using them.

2. Almost all kinds of touch screen are scratch-proof but if a scratch appears on the screen, you have to replace it with a new one. You have no other alternative. It is quite expensive.

3. If oil and dust from your fingers are accumulating on your monitor screen, you have to clean it as many time as you touch your screen with oily hand.

4. Touch sensitivity might vary from one monitor to another. Some touch screen monitors require hard touch to select a folder while other requires a soft touch to select an item.

These are not  big cons. It can be handle in an easy way. I suggest you to buy touch screen monitors because it possesses a large number of advantages as compare to disadvantages.

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