The social networking sites are getting popular nowadays and many people join these sites to make friends. They are the hottest places to meet friends in the internet. Nowadays just like real life, we are open to attacks and theft of information online. When we are setting up our profile for these social networking sites, we need to be careful. We should determine what information we need to post in these sites. Our name, age, sex, email id are usually asked to create an account in these sites. Some of the information that should be avoided are address, mobile number, credit card number etc..

When we join any social networking sites, the default setting will be that anyone can see our profile and updates. In sites like facebook, our activities will be shared not only with friends and groups but also with every single network we have traversed. We need to disable these settings by unchecking "Allow any user to see my public search listing" . We also need to read the privacy statement of the social networking sites before registering as a user.

To gain information some people might create a new account with a known name to us with some general details. Before giving any information, we should personally verify with them and then proceed.


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