Hello, i've decided to write about what to look for when you're building yourself a new computer. I hope you will like my content. please comment on this article.

Things you need is: Motherboard,processor,Hard drive, Ram, a good chassis with good cooling, and DVD rom, GPU

1. The processor,  Make sure that your processor is suitable with the Motherboard. When choosing a processor mostly everyone buy CPU's with high GHz but that's something you should not worry about since 2.6-8 is good enough and 3.4+ is unnecessary. But what you should look for is FSB and L1+L2 cache, It's because you can't process everything without getting the Data into the CPU fast enough. it's normal that shops don't publish the size of L1 cache but tell what the L2 cache size is. the higher both are, the better. But i recommend to buy Dual core and not Quad and i7 because if a L2 cache is 6 MB a dual core will have 3 MB per core, and a quad core would have 1.5 MB each core. and there is not every program that can run on Quad core and higher. As processor you choose to but intel or AMD, amd is cheaper but intel is more expensive but got more secure CPU ( it got higher warranty and better against heat) check what socket type the processor got and see if it can be used on the motherboard.

2. Motherboard, As motherboard You need one that can be used at your processor and RAM, Actually The motherboard is the most important thing in your computer to make it fast, When buying one you should look after the MB that suits you most, First you figure out what price you are after. if you are a Gamer you should buy a more expensive Motherboard and if you only do normal activities that don't use much power, buy a cheaper one.

3. RAM

For Ram i recommend to use 4GB for 32 Bit or 8 GB if you use 64 Bit OS. When you are buying Ram look after the frequency, the higher the better 1333 mHZ is very good. And RAM is the cheapest part in your computer.

4. Hard disc Drive

When buying hard drive you should look for how much space you are going to need. If you store alot of music videos and that i suggest that you get a HDD up to a terra, or 500 GB is very good aswell. normal speed of Hard drives is 7200 RPM. ( rotations per minute)

5. Graphical processing unit

When buying a GPU. something that is the most important Hardware for gamers. When you're going to get one check for How much memory it got and core frequency+memory frequency. The Best GPU producer is ATI and Nvidia. and price is important here, Nvidia is more expensive than AMD's ATI but i Know both of these produce Very good GPU's.

6. Chassis

When buying a chassis its very important that you have good cooling and Space. make sure that your chasis have Good airflow and fans that suck air in and fans that bring it out the hot air. and good space so its easy for you to install your hardware and let it be easy to maintain.

7. DVD

When buying a DVD reader its nothing special to look for. This is something you will find fast and easy.

What i recommend:

CPU: i recommend a CPU with High L1+L2 cache and a GHZ from 2.6-3.2 higher is unnecessary. I have intel E8500 with 3.16 GHZ dualcore with L1 Cache 2x 64 KB that 32 per core, and L2 cache on 6 MB, 3 MB per core.

Motherboard: as motherboard i would check for what you need, like how much that are integrated on it, What hardware you can add on it+ Speed

RAM: for Ram i recommend High FSB on it, 1333 MHZ is very good.
for 32 bit OS i recommend 4 GB, on a 64 Bit OS i recommend 8 GB and higher. the frequency is very important here.

HDD: when buying a HDD you choose the size yourself, and look out for RPM, which is important for how fast if can write.

GPU: look for memory size and frequency. Higher=better. But the newer the Graphic card is the better performance it have. but look on memory size if you are comparing new cards.

Chassis: look for one with good space and airflow, i use antec nine hundred which have two fans at front to suck cold in air, a fan on top and one behind to blow the air out.

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