The following is a brief description of the formats most used and its development has contributed to the world of computers, also shows the software developed for the formats mentioned.


MIDI Format

The format comes from MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface. (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) A standard communication protocol used to combine data from synthesizers, software, effects processors and MIDI devices.

This is the format used most often in musical composition and usually has the extension mid (rmi). The file contains information sequencing, ie, about when playing that instrument and that way, depending on the hardware, the sound can be excellent or well below what is acceptable.

The sounds (tones) of different instruments have a number of programs ranging from 1 to 128, usually allocated on 1 at the piano, in addition, each program has specific parameters such as intensity, so a sound attack.

All information that can process MIDI keyboard, comes out as "Midi Out" and entering the "Midi In" the computer, which is fully recognized, interpreted and converted into numbers, this can be edited and manipulated by a software.

Some software for MIDI format TiMidity. It is recommended for good sound, the drawback is the high CPU usage, can convert from Midi to Wav.

Playmidi. Said to be faster than others, also plays RIFF files, Creative Music. Also has an option of real-time playback

CakeWalk Pro Audio, is an excellent program for editing MIDI sounds, to record or playback from a synthesizer connected to the soundcard


MIDI Editor, editor and MIDI file library is high quality scanning


Mplayer, a program that is included with Windows, very small and handy.


Sound recorder, tool included with Windows, you can edit wav sounds of short duration.


MP3 format. This audio compression format qu was created by the Moving Picture Expert group (designers and programmers audio compression standards and video) working under the direction of International Standards Organization (ISO). They identify with the extension MP3, this rule was launched in 1995 to the Internet, currently working on a successor who will be the MP4 compression with a 40 to 1. The MP3 sound quality and small size made it very popular on the Internet, their algorithm is based on the way to hear that you have the human ear, because the frequencies that are outside the hearing are not recorded in the file (the largest 20kHz and below 20Hz). This translates into much smaller files, without loss of sound quality.

By using the MP3 format can reduce the track of a CD to a factor of 12 to 1, (1 minute of CD quality MP3 format 1MB equals approx.) But more importantly is that it does not lose sound quality. Factors of even 24 to 1 are acceptable. The most common use is to give these formats is the music store so you must first burn the CD in the computer hard drive and then pass it to MP3 format, for this we must have a function that meets Ripeers moving from CDA format (CD) to Wav, (do not accept there are some CD ripper), then an encoder must have these programs go Wav to MP3 format. Keep in mind the quality you want, the higher quality larger file size. This is specified by choosing the Kbps (512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 20, 16), Khz (48000, 44100, 32000, 24000, 22050, 16000, 11025, 8000) and if it is stereo or mono and as Wav quality that you're working.


Some software for MP3 mpg123, this program plays audio mpeg, can play in real time from the Internet. Winam, is undoubtedly the most widespread program, combining speed, functionality and a flexible design. Notable for its design, it has many functions but is a bit slow as its users say. Program for playing MP3, the most currently used for its design and speed, can be downloaded free from the Internet (Winamp.com). You can also play other formats such as Midi, Wav etc.


VQF Format

VQF format, is a new audio compression format developed by the Japanese company Yamaha, have characteristics similar to MP3, but the compression and quality is better, there is talk of a 30% reduction in size, a 96 kbps VQF is better a 128-Kbps MP3 format is still not widespread compared to MP3, but is believed to be a matter of time for users to compare the advantages of file and its popularity rise.

All these advantages become disadvantages when thinking about the hardware, it needs more RAM (minimum of 16, we recommend 32) and speed (Pentium 200 Khz), although it says that if there is an MP3 while you work something else and the computer support, should support this format. Another disadvantage is that files can not be brought to a WAV format while working on this. Although very new exite released a plugin for MP3 to listen to this format, other MP3 player program is called K-jofol

Format RA

(Real Audio), this is the format most widely used online for their ability to reproduce in real time, this means that while the file is downloaded and hear the sound when it finishes lower was already played. This format was developed by RealNetworks. This company is making available software users to receive and send real-time (video and sound), the company is recognized as one of the most important in the computer world because of its format since the height of the RA to Wav MIDI or popularity.

The problem it has is more record that can be cut audio playback when there is interruption in the data signal, this occurs when the user uses a modem too slow or too much traffic on the network. Real Audio develops an improvement in its format (RealSystemG2), which increases the audio frequency of 80% achieved in 28.8 Kbps modem improved audio quality. The problem arises in storage for files too large will produce mainly for e-mailed.

This product can play old files from RA, Wav. Can be used by Mac and PC. To play these files must have Real Audio Player installed, the system must he:

PC than 486/66hz


8 MB free hard disk

Sound card compatible with Windows 95/NT Internet connection with 28 Kbps modem

Unpopular sound formats


Common sound format found on the Internet. They are usually 8-bit and have less quality than other formats. The most widely used program for this type of file is Waveform Hold and Modify, which supports many formats, conversions between them and functions of file editing and proofreading.


(Audio Interchange File Format). Sound format very simple and popular on the Internet, is a native format for wav MacIntoch like their size, can also be used on other platforms, requires the same programs as au format mentioned above.


They are similar to the wav files, the difference is that they bring synchronization markers especially for use with images, videos or other sounds in multimedia applications.

. mod

Extension is applied to a file type that uses digital samples of instruments to create compositions in special sequence called traker, began using only 4 tracks currently about 32, the sound quality is good and continues to improve. You can take any digital sound and shows the file size is small and is required for reproduction does not require specialized software.

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