Yes,games are going to be more realistic...Many of us may have played one or more 3D games,Those packed with action or strategy.The first advancement in gaming industry is the 3D gaming,the next revolution was improved quality of visuals and gameplay,but all the games these days fails to pack an extra punch of realism.But those days are coming to an end fast....It is probably the next revolution in gaming industry.It is the introduction of realtime physics/dynamics in games.

Wait a minute! What is the relation between game and physics??

Physics/dynamics in games correspond to the ability of a game to calculate realtime dynamic interation of objects.For example, a few years ago if you were to play a football game,the ball dribbling,ball bouncing etc was pre animated so you'd not feel the realism of playing it,but nowadays there are real physics in games that allow the foolball to behave just like a real one in the game.Another example should clear things up,If you had played counter strike game you'd notice some of the objects like guns or bullets can go through the walls,and every time someone is shot,they do the same action of dying ,these are because the game doesn't calculate dynamic interaction of objects.

But a new technology called Dynamic Motion Synthesis(DMS) is changing everything.It enables the games to calculate realtime dynamic interaction of objects in a game.For example, you'll have realistic crashing of car,realistic fall of building during explosion,realistic fall of a character whel shot,etc.


Dynamic Motion Synthesis(DMS) is a completely new approach to 3D character animation. Unlike conventional animation techniques, such as keyframing or motion capture, Dynamic Motion Synthesis uses the processing power of the CPU to create the character’s movements in realtime.This is achieved through intensive Artificial intelligence.


3D character have artificial intelligence so that you can have realistic reactions,for example in any  shootout game, when you throw a grenade,the characters nearby might run..but through DMS, we can make the character to run to nearby cover,or the character may lie down and put it's hands on the head,all this using AI.

The DMS was invented by a company named NaturalMotion,in just began as a biomechanical study of movements and actions of animals and humans,but they started to replicate those movements by simulating it in computer and the result was DMS.The company offers 3 products-endorphin, euphoria and morpheme.

These tools are not only used for games,they are also used for animation characters in a 3D movie.

Usually it takes days for animators to do a keyframe animation for a comlete action sequence,but using DMS tools,it can be done in a matter of hours.This tool is already being used by major game companies like THQ,Sony,etc., and movie production companies like sony and disney

visit the following site and review some videos to see the amazing technology(remember the characters in the video are not being controlled by any one,but they interact with themselves in realtime)

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