Wanna keep background image for different drives such as c,d,e,f

just simply make a folder and rename it as Folder settings.

later take a textpad and rename it as desktop.ini

inside this textpad insert the following code

IconArea_Image=Folder Settings\5.jpg
PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings\Folder.htt

Now save this file. later insert your jpg format pictures in your folder which you created before  with some numbers as 1 2 3.

if you want to put the picture 1 as background image then you should change the number in the desktop.ini file

my picture number is 5.jpg so i kept the number there

IconArea_Image=Folder Settings\5.jpg

now think yours is 1 then type 1 insted of 5.

very simple

any help comment me.



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