WAP is taking over the world at a very rapid pace. It is growing as it has some unique advantages, which are:


  • Efficiency: WAp is more efficient as it enables client and server data exchange using least amount of data transfer speed. The WAP protocol is more efficient than TCP/IP or HTTP.


  • Predictability: Anyone person or organization never controls web. But on the contrary, a standard WAP forum, which has a type control over the development of WAP and related standards as well as devices, controls WAP. Because of this, only some specific WAP devices are present having the corresponding WAP gateways and hence the result are predicted.


  • Dynamic behaviour: The WAP client is coded in a special language known as WML (Wireless Markup Language), which works on the script that reads the key strokes which causes change in the result on the WAP device. Even some special timers can be set through which depending on the time change various actions can occur resulting in dynamically changing web pages on the WAP browser.


  • Working for constraint clients: As discussed wireless communication has to work on very minimal resources such as low capacity device and narrow data transfer rate. WAP allows the usage of such devices very efficiently by putting much of the server. To transfer a compact data using special markup languages i.e., WML and WML Script is also a main feature.


  • Scalability: As WAP is based on a layered architecture, it is unique featureof WAP that each layer can develop independently of others. This makes it possible to introduce new concepts without major changes in the overall architecture. WML and wireless markup language scripts (WML Script) are used to produce WAP content. They make optimum use of small displayes and develop in such a way that the site navigation can be performed with just one hand.  

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