Microsoft the unbeaten leader in the industry of Operating System with its logo of Windows.  Many of us have using the Operating system and are used to feature and the work that we do on our computer using the Microsoft build windows operating system.

Would you like to know the history how it all started and how did the first windows looked like.  When was the graphical user interface came into being.  So here you go.

History of Windows Evolution

1) The first release of Windows from Microsoft was Microsoft Windows MS Dos Executive called as version 1.01 in the year 1985

2) The next release was Version 2.03 in year 1987 again this was based on MS Dos platform.

3) The next release was Verson 3 now this had more advanced feature, icon, command and more funtionality then the previous version. (Games)

4) Then came the most evolution version of Microsoft which still a Dos prompt start called Windows version 3.1  with Desktop and icons.

5) Then release 3.1.1 for Workgroups.

6) Here you go the most evolution with Graphical user interface and internet explorer came was Windows 95.  This did not have advance version such as compatibility for all software.

7) For Networking it was MS Windows NT Workstation, version 4, 4.0.

8) The most advanced version of Windows 98 which shook the world with its functionality and still many user are still using Windows 98.

9) Then the Millenium edition called Windows ME.

10) Then came out the Windows 2000, which was again then moved to Server editon.

11) The most succesful operating system till date for the microsoft is Windows XP and then came the 2003 Server.

12) The Most current OS which was released by Microsoft is Windows Vista, which not as succesfull as Windows XP.

13) The most awaited OS and to be launched in October is Windows 7.  which Microsoft state will be a next level of Operating system development.

To see the video: Windows Evolution

To check Windows 7 : Windows 7

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