I was introduced to internet a few years back and now I am in love with this service which makes our life so easy, all what we want are just few mouse clicks away from us. The features I use the most are email, searching, free web and blog hosting, sharing, Q&A and social networking websites etc. And also use other websites to make money online. There are lots of websites which offers these services. But definitely we love one above the rest and the following are my best, the websites which most probably I can’t live without.

Search engine

Google : I always use Google for searching. Yahoo! Is also good, but Google satisfied me more and now I almost forgot about Yahoo! And find everything I want on Google. Google is just not accurate, they’re speedy and friendly. They provide accurate results, it is estimated that about 200 million searches are done using Google a day. Yahoo! and Bing also provides great results.


Gmail: Google’s another service with lots of space and features. I love it because I receive lot of mails a day and haven’t yet gone out of space with Gmail. The inbox space of Gmail is going up even when I’m writing this and when you are reading this. Also I love Gmail’s new themes, invisible mode and the latest Google Video chat. And the best thing is that we don’t find any picture or flash advertisements on Gmail and this makes Gmail neat and fast.

Free web and blog hosting

Web Hosting

Weebly : Weebly is a free web host which is really worth for a try. They make web publishing easy and fun. Now you don’t need to buy a WYSIWYG editor for creating web pages easily and take hours to upload it to your host by making directories and clearing errors, Weebly has got everything. It’s so easy all we have to do is to drag and drop the contents we want from their tool bar.


Blogger: Many people also love WordPress. But I don’t, because they’re not at all easy for a guy like me. They’re rather complicated since they give so much freedom for its users which Blogger.com doesn’t give. Anyway Blogger is easy and straight, we can also use our own unique templates. And most of all Blogger allows the users to insert ads which WordPress don’t (if you’re not using the movable type).


Video Sharing

YouTube: YouTUbe really rocks! They’ve lots of content. And I guess there is no other video sharing network with these much videos and such a frequent update. Most of all YouTube is faster that Metacafe, Veoh, Dailymotion or any other. Anyway Google must improve YouTube by filtering of copyrighted and adult contents.

Photo Sharing

Flickr: Flickr is the best photo sharing website. They produce good quality photographs, when I searched for some photographs on Flickr as well as Photobucket, I got better images from Flickr. Anyway I also use Shareapic.net since they pay for the views we receive on our images.

File Sharing

Ziddu ; I now use Ziddu rather than Megaupload or Rapidshare. When I use Rapidshare they says ‘You are currently downloading a file, please finish it before downloading this file. Premium users can….’ The ifact is that they shows this message when I’m not downloading anything! I then started to use Megaupload, but was tired of their very small download limit. But Ziddu is not like that, there is no ‘Premium’ on Ziddu, everything is free. We love anything which is ‘Free’, don’t we?

Q&A website

Yahoo! Answers: When I’m in trouble, sorrow or when I’m confused I find solution on Yahoo! Answers. There are many honst and kind users who are always ready to solve our problems. Also I’ve got many help for preparing my project reports, completing assignments etc. on Yahoo! Answers,

Social Networking

Twitter: This website is something different. There are a lot of social networking websites where we upload images, videos etc. but the fact is that we don’t really share our emotions with other and for sharing emaotions Twitter is the best way and so I love it above all others. A simple ‘What are you doing now’ is works better than everything.

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