Ask yourself if you have several solutions for Windows if you want to use VoIP? There are. The software ranges from soft phone to complete switchboard. An example of a simple program is a soft phone. If you type this program on your computer you can put your computer as an appliance. This type of program file is usually put on a computer with the Windows versions XP, Vista and 7. You realize this type of program no high demands on your computer system.

A telephone contrast likely be installed on a server. Microsoft Server Operating Systems are supported including Windows 2003/2008 Server and Windows Small Business Server 2003/2008. Several stations support the installation of the package on the PC version of Windows but this is not recommended. You do not want other programs on that PC interrupt the telephone.

It is not always necessary for a dedicated server for this task to take. You'll have to ask your system administrator how the load is the current server to see if there is enough margin of capacity to the telephone service is still there to run. Most manufacturers do have a technical document with a formula that you can drop in the number of users or calls that can be processed simultaneously without delays or interruptions.

One advantage of a VoIP solution using Windows is probably the technical department have to learn any new operating systems and can provide immediate support. Manufacturers themselves by the deployment of Windows often a faster response ready to use by drawing from experience of other implementations.

Study well the technical specifications you need. Observe any outstanding requirements and expected expansion. It is understandable that you fully charge server immediately, keep in mind the extra capacity. This will guarantee you a good working system with satisfied users.

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