Imagine that anyone could create, distribute and market their own output as a billion people with minimal public cost. It is not only possible but also easy. How do they do?
The playing field by stabilization
Making of digital products is cheaper than ever

Adoption of digital products is demokratisoitunut. It has long been a man tandems and desktop could not produce enough good material for commercial publication. Modern writing, image and audio processing software is the professional-quality and cheap. Border between professionals and amateurs are more blurred than ever.
Product distribution is demokratisoitunut

Own production to obtain the public, it is very easy and cheap. Videos to YouTube, Flicker photos, blog entries, blogs and websites Wordpress subjects, or Home machine. All can be done quickly, easily and cheaply, especially if it is willing to give up intellectual property rights.
Marketing is the revolution

Marketing does not require large amounts of capital in order to be effective. Web 2.0n instruments provided a creative, courageous and enthusiastic about the ease of use will bring better results than perfunctory media buying agency for advertising space.

One man's writing and producing a blog can reach hundreds of thousands of people every day. Anyone can buy Google Adwords ads that can appear in first class on blogs and online journals.
Works, the money is arkipäiväistynyt

Micropaymentit will never come, but small business operators can cash in with their products online. Completely entertainment-based network may advertising, sponsorship and other small streams for significant revenue streams in time. A couple of moderately successful amateur free web service running in the network services can earn more than the bread work.
Long tail and hits domination disintegration
Market fragmentation

Production, distribution and marketing costs halventuessa supply continues to grow. The greater the variety of products is available, the more products are sold in a comprehensive way. This means a decline hits and bestseller sales, and brings an entirely new market for products that sell very little. Increase in the number of products and price halpuus incentive to try something new.

People continue to buy Stephen Kinginsä and the desire to follow the other will remain strong. Bestseller lists are and remain clear of people as a guiding factor. Pirstoutuessa market increasingly smaller nicheihin, the product may be the best-selling book their own niche within the market. Thus, a variety of lists and recommendations to be more and more.

The physical capacity to trade only a limited number of products and there is a limit how many products must be sold per month in order to be a profitable business. The network does not have such a constraint, since the data transmission capacity and the deposit is very cheap.

Chris Anderson describes book The Long Tail describes the mass upheaval of the market of millions of niche markets. Gays have already taken place and now it is time to take the benefit. More about Kari Hintikka oivassa Web 2.0 - Introduction to the Internet for new business opportunities.
Amateurs, the emergence of

The network produced an increasing proportion of the material is made by amateurs. This does not mean a direct reduction in the quality of, eg, the uutisoitaessa enthusiast knows the background of the news and certainly more than the regular line editor. This material is produced by amateurs, easily faster and better than traditional media outputs.
Maailmanvalloitus a long tail along the top or at one time?

The biggest difference between professional and amateur is a risk-bearing capacity. Amateur afford to fail. This will help create quality content, the failure does not need to worry about. Professionals, and responsible producers rarely have the courage to take risks to make the excellent content of the normal or a good place. Millions of amateurs have the courage to take risks, and these successful online pulpahtavat surface.

The conquest of the world can certainly try the traditional way. In Finland, people dare to try again. Futuremark has compiled a unique gaming site Yougamers huge market to competition. Several world-class game reviewer on the payroll of the success of marketing claims. Amateur day can continue their work, but the larger the site, either a success or not.
Ensure the tail rises hit

MySpace has already created its own lilyalleninsa, and other social media creates a daily prompt celebrities - hits, enjoying the immense world-wide attention, of course, only a very short time. This visibility must be able to exploit and take it into marketing.

This article series is intended to shed light on Web 2.0 opportunities and ways to take the opportunities available at low cost.
There has never been a better time to be a internet marketer

Could you or your organization to take web 2.0 to use the benefits offered?

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