What is Face book ?

Face book is a popular social networking site which helps people to connect with different groups of people which includes known as well as unknown people. It allows you to add friends, send private message to them and update your profile with your current status to let people know about you.  Face book is used internationally and managed by face book, Inc privately. It lets you join networks organized by different social groups, schools, colleges etc. Face Book is a channel to communicate with people efficiently. Millions and Billions of people spend time on face book every day. Now -a -days who would not like to increase their social connections which will not only help them to make friends but also allows them to promote and advertise their products, websites or blogs. Face book agrees to post your URL (link), this way you can utilize the opportunity to advertise your link to the fullest. Main intention of Face Book Inc to introduce face book is to help people build online communities and share common interest or activities with each other. It is basically never-ending stream of information sharing.

What are the features of Face Book-?
1.  Face Book helps to promote your own web links and allows you create a simple blog or you can merge with your existing blog into face Book’s blog.
2. You can upload your Photos or friends’ photo and create photo albums to your profile.
3. Face Book being a social networking site will help you keep track of all your friend’s activities, blogs, profile updates etc.
4. Through face book search option you are allowed to search for people and ass them as a friend.
5. The best option in face book is, you can play games and earn extra coins or points. Games like Farmville which is fertilizing on your neighbor’s crops, you can send cause invitations like stop animal cruelty or funny and interesting topics like mafia war request and ask people to join your cause.

Face Book does not restrict any age group to join; it is absolutely free access website and completely    user friendly. Face Book user should remember that it might get little difficult when friend request keeps coming in, there are chances of getting over crowded, however you have an option of accepting or declining request . Therefore the best option for you to be on a safer side would be, being careful while uploading photos or creating photo albums so that it is not misused. Be alert while sharing private messages because once the message is posted on the face book wall, it will be viewed by all your friends. Though face book allows you to set privacy settings but it cannot stop showing the photos or message exchanges with your friends. Some individuals might get too addicted with face book culture which is not advisable because spending so much time only on one website might prove to be a massive disadvantage.  You can make face book experience pleasant by being aware of all the disadvantages and protect it by using the available tools on face book and by being little careful.

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