Please Folllow these steps to create email account on

1.Open Internet Explorer.

2.Now type in address bar.


3. Hit enter

Page will be open like this


4. Now click to Sign Up.

Registration form will be open like that


5. Now fill the all requirment carefully

 a. Fulfill about yourself ,  Name , Gendre , Birth date , Location & Postal code .

b. When you will click on yahoo ID and Email its will display more than 4 ID select 1 which you want to create and than type secret code             (Password) it will ask whenever you will open your account

c. Type alternate email address if you don,t have alternate email address than leave it . And select question than type answer of you question ( Its purpose of in case forgot your ID or Password If you will remember your question & answer you will recovered it.

d. Type captcha code

e. Check the box of term & condtion .

f. Press the tab "Create my account .



When your registration process will complete its will show the congratulation page


Print your congratulation page.


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