Accordin to the recent developments,Microsoft and Yahoo will tie up to try and win the 'SEARCH' war with google.Accordin to this yahoo will send its users' questions and queries to ms bing search engine for the answers.And in return yahoo will get 88 Percent of its revenue from microsoft for this traffic.But do you think that htis will be enough or more than enough to capture the monopoly of the google.If you think they can do then think again..................

Now here are some interesting facts  that will give us a clear idea who is 'the real big thing'? Now till recent times yahoo owns upto one -third of the global network traffic for its search engines.While google on the other hand own the other share.Also google doesn't depends upon its search engine only .It has got the backup of advertisements as it takes one third money of the total online advertisements.

Apart from this google has directly striked the heart of microsoft by entering into Operating system domain by bringing out its Chrome OS which is very light,fast to boot as compared to windows.Other than this it has also entered into competition in other fields of technology such as mobile,social networking,live videos,online docs etc.Unbelievably google docs are considered to be ms office killer and are gaining momentum.

Even though the above deal mentioned will earn a considerable amount of revenue for microsft,but still it cant be compared to what google's been earning.Though a new search engine by microsoft has many unique features and is constantly gaining popularity there wont be time when microsoft outshines google in this race.Also it is seen that google is constantly thinking and improving its technology and always innovating some kind of things which blows your head off.

So I will say that microsoft i battling a war with google that has only one outcome.....and thats google winning!!!!

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