Let me tell you that google is a innovative firm/company or whatever you would like to call you.They are the firm which constantly work and strive hard for the results and end products.So without further waiting here are the list of some products which you may like to try or just google search them

1 :: Google's In Quotes:: This project basically deals with the side by side comparison of the politicians (Americans till now).It also describes their wherabouts,speeches etc they delivered in the past.Also by selecting two or more you can compare them and then decide whom to vote for.Here you can try to become political!


2 :: Google moderator:: This is the forum type of project where you can try to get any type of advice or helps for the problems.Also you can post the answers for some questions you know.Here various categories are there , so you can decide easily for what you want help and so on.This project basically aims to solve problems.


3 :: Google's city tours:: Now this is just kind of google maps,but the importance of this project is that it not only displays the information and map of the city but also displays important monuments,historical places,parks,restaurants etc to be visited if you are on tour .Basically it helps you and prevents you from getting lost.


4:: Google sets:: Now this type of project deals with organzing words into different groupsd epending upon their categories.For eg: If an abstract contains tiger lion elephant etc, then tey all can be grouped under sset wild-animals and so on.


5:: Googles spreadsheet(Fusion table) ::This is an extended ability of google docs and is very helpful as it can completely replace excel spreadsheet.Also you can directly share your data through this without depending on the long procedure normally you carry out.


6::Google's code search:: Now if you are a web-developer  or programmer than this project is boon for you, as you easily get help about coding with examples.And at the same time a lot of time is saved to build a project.

7::Google's Similar images::Though its already implemented and as the name suggest this project deals with finding the most accurate or look alike of a picture or query you submitted .

I hope google never stops working and continues its thirst for innovation.

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