Internet is really a gift to us if we use it properly. There are so many good things for which we can use although few people misuse it. Nowadays i cannot

imagine a day without internet. I have listed below some common uses of internet. Almost i use internet for 90% of the below list.

1.  To pay utility bills like Electricity, Mobile, Landline, credit cards etc

2. To pay insurance premium ( E.g Life Insurance, Medical insurance, Vehicle Insurance )

3.  To plan our travel and to book tickets in bus, train or flights

4. To download our favourite songs , movies and videos

5.  To share pictures taken in important occasions with our friends and relatives

6. To do online shopping from websites like, etc

7. Net Banking - To view our account balance, transfer funds , order cheque book etc

8. To view the current and past statements of our credit card, mobile etc

9.  To talk with our friends and relatives residing in places outiside our city and foreign countries using yahoo messenger, google talk, skype etc

10.  To send greetings to our friends and relatives on their birthdays, anniversaries etc and for festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, Ramzan etc

11. To seek alliance for our friends or relatives using the matrimony websites

12. To download ringtones, wallpapers, themes, applications etc for our mobile phone

13. To read soft copy of the newspapers  ( Also called Epapers )

14. To watch TV programmes from websites like

15.  To recharge the prepaid mobile phones

16.  Online trading - To invest in shares, mutual funds and track it

17.  To view the PNR status of the train tickets

18.  E-mail - To share our thoughts, ideas and feelings with people

19. To search and apply for jobs using websites like, etc

20. To know the latest scores of a cricket match

21. To search houses for rent or buying through real estate websites

22. To book rooms in hotels for our holiday trip

23.  To view the performance of the mutual funds in which we have invested money

24.  To view the performance of the shares we have bought

25. To read the story and reviews of newly released movies

26. To download tutorials of any technology  (  Eg. Bluetooth, WAP ) , programming languages (  Eg. C++, Java, SQL )  etc

27. To download all kind of softwares  ( Eg. Utility, Desktop, Multimedia etc ) for our computer.

28. Recipes -To read or download information on how to make different varieties of food recipes

29. To download or read the novels of our favourite authors

30.  To pay the income tax returns

31.  To meet our old friends  and to make new friends through social networking websites

32.  To send gifts or flowers to our friends / relatives in foreign countries

33. If we want to sell or buy anything ( Eg. House, Car etc ) we can place advertisements in websites like sulekha

34. To download wallpapers and screensavers for our computer

35.  To play online games and win prizes

36.  Health - We can read lot of information from web on this. Pregnant women can read tips on food, child growth etc. We can read about

any disease and its symptoms, cure etc. We can read about exercises to keep us fit, yoga postures etc. Even online consultation is

also available today

37. To clarify our doubts on discussion forms in various websites Eg. boddunan

38.  To read the review and description of any new product in any field Eg. Mobile

39.  To view the examination results ( Eg. SSLC, Plus Two ) and the marks scored

40. Travel - When we plan some trip, we can search the different tourist places and find all information about it

41. Online courses - We can take many online courses and certifications in net

42. To download application forms from banks , income tax office etc

43. We can work from home by using the internet. Lot of opportunities are available

44. To watch movies and videos online

45. To access our official mails from home

46. To listen to our favourite songs. There are many websites which allows us to listen songs at free of cost.

47. To know the status of our provident fund claim.

48. Beauty - We can find a lot of tips for beauty on the internet.

49.  File sharing - There are many file sharing websites available. So we can share big files which cannot be sent through email or too expensive

to be sent through post.

and last but not the least...

50. To read / write articles, create and vote polls, participate in discussion forums in boddunan :-)

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