Written by ramesh. Posted in Engineering on 04 March 2010.
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Reactive Power ,Types of Compensations,

Reactive power Compensation done at different sites

On transmission lines For Transient, steady state compensations, On Load centers, e.t.c


Coming for Compensation for Transmission lines, we have different types like series, shunt, mid point compensations for both transient and steady state conditions.

For Loads, we should connect compensating devices across loads, in order to compensate for reactive power drawing from system, compensator supplies the required reactive power to the load, lets decrease reactive power burden on system.


What is a simple compensator?

Compensator is simply an inductor,a capacitor ,a combination of both these

In general amount of inclusion of capacitance or inductance should required for compensation especially in transient conditions are controlled by FACTS devices like SVAR,TCR-SC,TSC e.t.c


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