While studying about the Architecture of the computer,we must came to know about Addressing Modes.The different ways that a processor can access data are referred as Addressing Schemes or Addressing Modes.
Here i listed the most commonly used addressing modes.
1.Absolute Mode :
It is otherwise called as Direct Mode.Here the address of the specified location of the given operand is considered as a part of the instruction.
2.Immediate Mode :
Here the given operand is explicity in the instruction. # sign is used before the operand to indicate that this is an immediate operand.
3.Indirect Mode :
In this Mode the address of the operand is nothing but the contents in the register or the contents in the main memory,whose address given separately.
4.Index Mode :
Here the address of the operand is generated by adding a constant value to the contents in the register.
5.Auto Increment Mode :
The address of the operand from index mode is specified in the register.here the contents in the register are incremented.
6.Auto Decrement Mode :
This Mode is opposite to Auto Increment Mode.Here the contents in the register is decremented.
7.Register Mode :
Here the operand is considered as the content of the register.The name of the register is specified in the Register.

Here i defined the most commonly used Addressing Modes.It will be useful for Engineering Students.
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