I think While studying Computer Architecture you have studied about instructions.

An Instruction is divided into two parts.

1.Operation Code of Instructions(Opcode)

2.Operands of Instructions

Operand is also called as Data.The operand may in many different forms.Here we see about some of the forms of the operand.


Addresses is nothing but a form of data.Here some calculations must be performed on the operand reference in an instruction,which is to determine the physical address of an instruction.


You know that all the computers will support numeric data types. There are some commonly used numeric data types available,they are:

*Integer (or) Fixed Point




To provide documentations,the commonly used data is Text or some character strings.Today,most of the computers use ASCII type code for representing character by aunique 7-bit pattern.Usually the 8th bit set to 0(zero).

In some computers a different type of format is used to encode the characters,that is EBCDIC(Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code).

Logical Data:

Nowadays 99% of the processors interpret the given data as a bit,byte,word ordouble word.These are also called as units of data.

These are the different types of operands used by the instruction sets.



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