When in school I always wondered what kind of life these 'suit and tie' people lead.I believed that their life would be one of great extravagance-costly cars,numerous servants and above all a happy go lucky life.It was in fact these people who were the source of my inspiration during my school and college days.I always dreamt of such extravagance or should I say 'Corporate Life'.

So I began to explore the different alternatives I had.I always wanted to be an engineer.But would becoming an engineer fulfill my dreams?Vague pictures ran through my head-that of techie working night and day under his boss,without a tie and without a suit.I then realized that all those high profile guys I dreamt of becoming was indeed a distant dream.For the kind of person I was,I needed to work and keep working to reach those heights.

I was now pursuing my computer engineering and stayed in a hostel.I took a stance when I started my engineering that I would never forget my goal in life and work come what may to achieve it. For a few days this inspiration had driven me to work hard.But then again when in a hostel,do what the hostellers do-gossip and party.I was studying in a good enough college which would ensure that I get placed in a decent company.So,whenever I would sit to study I would be reminded by my dear friend that you just required to pass the exams and complete your engineering,the rest would be looked after by the college.The human brain!!!Why does it succumb to sweet talk?

Then it was time for those 'Exams' which I needed to just pass.However,the academic record that I had previously,no sweet talk would deter me from performing well.I was one among the toppers in the first year.My form continued into some part of the second year as well.Then slowly semester by semester that zeal to perform well was slowly diminishing.I was contented with just doing well.The thoughts of being one among the top most bracket had by now almost faded away.

I was enjoying my college life to my hearts content.Movies,parties and a bit of studies was the order of the day.Without realizing what was happening or should I say where my career was heading,it was almost the final year.It was time to prepare for those project internships and company placements.

No sooner did I realize that I was not all prepared for what was to come than the recruitment started.My percentage was good enough for me to get shortlisted in every company.But that preparation wasn't quite there for the big day.This was accompanied by nervousness and the feeling of being a loser.Companies came and companies went.It was around October now.I hated wearing those stupid formals and going for those company talks.I would clear the wriiten tests on most occasions but falter at the latter stages.It was that time of my career when I started doubting my abilities.Once this happens to you, your staring at failure for sure.At such instances in life its those same friends of yours that reminded you that exams were meant to just pass,would again remind you that this was just the beginning and companies would continue coming.That indeed made you feel better.I for my part would think to myself everything happens for the best!!

Soon it was December and almost the end of our semester.The final semester was dedicated to projects and internships.I was frantically applying for internships in different companies.At the same time it was at the back of my mind that I was still was now the third week of December and our semester exams were in full swing.On the day of our last exam it was GE Healthcare that was recruiting for internships.I hadnt prepared at all for the exam.The exam was scheduled for 6 pm.It was already 3pm and I was still being interviewed.I didnt know whether to forego the interview or the exam.I decided to just follow the course of events.My final interview was taken at 5pm.I rushed back to study whatever I could.During the exam I could hardly concentrate,half my mind on the results which were going to be declared later that evening.GE was offering a good amount for the internship.

I couldnt bear the suspense.I left the exam hall half an hour early to have a look at the results.This was the first time I left an exam before time.To my relief-a big relief I was selected from over 500 applicants.One target accomplished,I thought to myself.In a few days time it was another giant Deloitte who was recruiting.The even better part was that the job location was in Hyderabad and a good pay package to go with it.This would indeed be the jackpot if I nailed it!!!

Five hundred students eagerly awaiting the company and to their bad luck the company was late in arriving which adds to the tension and excitement.Finally the company arrives and begins its presentation.And hell yeah what a presentation.Im sure at that moment each one of us wished the same thing-I hope I get into Deloitte.

As was the ritual,we had a written test first.Trust me this was the toughest of the lot.No one knew whether they would make it to the second round,such was the difficulty level.I for some reason felt a rare level of confidence.I expected to make it.Two hours hence the shortlist was announced.I was among the 67 shortlisted.It was time for further rounds of interview.Step by step without thinking ahead of me I passedd all the rounds.I finally got recruited.I was part of the Deloitte family.What a feeling!!!!

When I look back,I feel life wasnt that bad anyway.I had my share of fun,i got a very good deal as far as my career goes and at the end of the day everyones happy.Those thoughts of one day becoming that 'suite and tie' guy were alive again.

The months that followed were truly awesome in every sense of the word.No more exams,no more class rooms.Your earning and at the same time enjoying what you dreamt of 'The Corporate Life'.My internship in GE lasted 5 months after which I started my job in Deloitte.Till date Ive enjoyed every moment of it.The parties,the money,the friends and most of all some kind of extravagance.

I thank my starts every time I think of what Ive achieved in life.I guess one I will possess those costly cars and some of those servants I always dreamt of.





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