How to clean a vehicle fuel injector?

A dirty fuel injector can cause blockages, which in turn can cause various problems in the engine. These problems include an increase in fuel consumption, poor performance and emissions so there are two different ways to perform the cleanup. They can be placed in the car and cleaned or they can be disassembled to clean out.

In general while cleaning, the injector should be mounted.

Step 1:

With the engine off, open the hood and locate the fuel injector. You may have to resort to the manual of the car, if you are not familiar with the geography of the engine.

Step 2:

Watch it does not turn on the fuel injector to the engine, either by placing a tube connecting it with the output entry of fuel or shutting off the pump out of fuel.

Step 3:

Connect the hose with pressurized solvent to the nozzles when the engine is turned on.

Step 4:

Let the solvent dissolve by in the engine.

Step 5:

Turn off the engine and disconnect the cleaning equipment.

Step 6:

Reconnecting rods and fuel pump. Turn on the motor and controls if it works better. If you find no change at all, repeat the process. If still it does not improve, you must remove the nozzles to clean them on a workbench.

Diagnosis of single-injector system

In this hub, the performance of a central fuel injector of a single system is described.

The first thing is to do is to set the multi meter on the scale of 200 ohms by measuring the resistance of the injector and then connecting the connectors on the tester at the poles of the injector plug, regardless of polarity, ie, each cable should be connected in different multimeters to contact plug injector.

The nozzle should be moved in ohmic resistance in the range of 2 to 3 ohms. If you will measure in this range, it will indicate that the electrical resistance of the injector is expected (in this case you are only checking and if you try to reverse the poles of tester, you will see that the value will be the same because as I mentioned polarity will have no effect on this measurement).

If however testing the injector shows the value of 1, it means that the injector has damaged its own electrical system as the value of 1 means infinite resistance and in simple words, there is no continuity due to a short circuit in the injector coil.

You should replace the injector in a way so that the lid is removed from the base of the injector body and then get the screw that secures the injector.

How to clean injector nozzles?

Sometimes, there are flaws in the nozzles due to carbon deposits in the nozzle, for example at the point where they exit the jet fuel injection.

These deposits can block the hole by varying the flow of the jet and crash the whole system.

You can perform the cleaning of the injector with the cleaning apparatus available in the market, as it is based on ultrasound, which achieves very effective cleaning. Thanks to bubbles produced by ultrasound in the cleaning fluid used.

The form of use of these devices is quite simple, just put the cleaning fluid recommended by the manufacturer of the device in the container, taking care that this level with the mark, which is stamped on the container.

Then, the injector is placed in the tray for cleaning removable using the hole that fits over the diameter of the injector and the tip of the nozzle down (i.e., by placing the tray it was submerged in the liquid cleaning)

Then placed in the tray and adjust the timer of a cleaning device 10 or 20 minutes can increase the cleaning time by up to 1 hour if we are dealing with extremely dirty fuel injectors and use the heater of the apparatus if any for increasing the effectiveness of cleaning.

Never use a recommendation volatile product for use such as washing liquid.

If you do not already have an ultrasonic cleaning machine and decide to buy one, you can search the models on google and buy then with a switch signal to connect to the nozzle during cleaning.

Such a model is usually a little more expensive but requires the injector to open and close the nozzle through the received pulse and the cleaning fluid can penetrate inside the nozzle and it is achieved with total cleaning.

As a final note, do not forget to change the edges of gums after dismantling the injector and use a product sealant.

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