Hai friends after a long time i typing this article. In this article i going share something about Data communication system.

Data Communication Systems:
The basic purpose of the communication system is to exchange the data between the two ends. In this the data is represented in the binary information units called bits. This data communication elements are source, transmitter, transmission medium, receiver and the destination.

From the source device the data to be transmitted is generated. Some examples for the source are telephone and personal computers. Then the data is transferred from one point to another point with the help of electrical signals. The electrical signals can either be analog signal or digital signal. The analog signal is defines as the continuously varying electromagnetic signal. The digital signal is defined as a sequence of 
on-off voltage pulses. These voltage pulses are called as bits. Now a transmission path must be designed to carry the generated signal. It can be wire pair, high capacity coaxial cables, microwave radio links, satellites, etc., The generated signals must be transmitted on suitable transmission medium. 

Normally the generated signal is transformed and encoded as electromagnetic signals by the transmitter for further transmission. The transmission is done by a suitable transmission system, which can be a single transmission line or a complex network connecting the source and the destination.

The transmission network is constructed through a network building blocks, which are referred to nodes. The receiver medium accepts the signal from the transmission system and it converts the signal back to its original form. Destination is the end point for the data. The destination accepts the data sent by the sender through the receiver. In this place the sent data is received, verified, accepted or rejected.

Generally Data communication system has many use. They are built for a wide variety of purposes and it may differ according to the way they functioning. The most simplest form of the data transmission is from a single terminal to a remote computer via the conventional telephone network.

Generally a data link involves two or more participating stations. In control purposes, one station on the link is designated as the primary station and the others are designated as secondary stations. The primary station is responsible for the organization of the data flow and for the link level error recovery procedures. The frame sent from a primary station is called as command frame and the frame sent from a secondary to a primary is called as response frame. Whenever a command is sent,a response or a string of responses is excepted 
in reply.

These are called Data communication Systems. Friends i hope this article will be helpful.

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