Futuristic crystalline electricity

PIEZO-ELETRIC EFFECT is a ability of crystals to generate a voltage in response to applied mechanical stress.This principle can be applied to obtain electricity and can be used as alternative sourse of energy...It is known that train travels at an average speed of 80km/hr and the weight of the train acts vertically downwards on the track causing vibration in the track as the train passes .At a distance of 1 km from the station, a quartz crystal of diemension 1 cm cube is placed beneath the rails of track.The vibrations produced by the train passes via the rail and causes mechanical effect  on piezo -electrical crystal.Thiss mechannical effect results in production of charges .Thus charges produced by a piezo-electrical crystal are electric crystal are converted into voltage and is calculated .......\

     Depending on our voltage reqirement ,series of piezo-electric crystals are placed beneath the track.The total voltage produced is the sum of voltages produced by series of piezo-electric crystals.This voltage produces is stored in the battery.This battery can be used for the internal functioning of the railway station.It is calculated that about 10.05724vcan be produced by single crystal.Thus when series of  piezo-electric crystals  are placed huge voltage can be definetely produced..


    1.Does not cause any air pollution

     2.Fuela are not consumed for production of voltage

   3.Eco-friendly method

  4.Alternative sourse of energy

      Thus if such a setup is installed in every major station in the country,lot of energy can be conserved and it can definetely be effected in large scale......

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