MECHANICAL ENGINEERING which is also known commonly as mother of all engineering because mostly all other Branches ,Topics, Syllabus and Concepts fall in it.It is the Oldest Branch in which not more modifications cant be done MORE as it is based on the principals laws of thermodynamics as compared to another branches .

For example in Computer Engineering every day a new language comeS in market which replace old one and every one starts using it by leaving the old one.It is the Royal branch and have its own name, fame and reputation.Mechanical Engineering is the branch of Engineering which is associated with production, designing manunally or by COMPUTERIZATION,manufacturing,assembling and modification done to make engines ,machines, daily products as every container storing any thing like cans, plastic bottles , showcase,beams are made by this. It deals with metals, non metals ,mathematics and physics fundas to combined to form a product. In automobiles like car, scotter, bikes are all associated by this branch .Pumps, Motors,hyraulics, suspensions ,brakes,pulleys,turbines are a combining elements in it. The best thing about it is that all the mechanical work done is easily visible to you so you can understand it more than other branches like in  Computer Engineering , we dont see the programing, in electrical engineering we cant see the current flowing in the assembly or circuits.power plant engineering , Aerospace engineering, Electrical and Robotics engineering are also a part of it.Now recently a engineering called Mechatronics is come into existance which is collabration of electronics and mechanical engineering. This branch is also connected to Civil engineering as for building any structure , building or anything  without mechanical equipments it IS Not possible. There is a lot of demand of techanically perfect proffessional in this field and you can choose as a career option to get into.You can fetch a jobs in automobile sector, industries, production brands, Machines manufacturring , and many other fields and have a vast scope as compared to other branches of engineering.

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