Hi friends,while studying software engineering or about softwares,we study about different types of testings.One of the important test in software is "SMOKE TESTING".


It is nothing but an integration testing approach,which is designed as a pacing mechanism for the Time-Critical Projects.It allows the software team to assess its project on a frequent basis.

Smoke testing approach involves the following activities:

1.Software components that are translated into code are integrated into a "build".A build includes all the data fields,libraries,reusable modules and other engineering components which are required to implement one or more product functios.

2.A series of test is designed to expose errors that will keep the build from properly performing its function.

3.The build  is integrated with other builds and the entire product is smoke tested in daily basis.The integration approach may be either top-down or bottom-up.

Apart from these activities,smoke testing provides a number of benefits when it is appiled on complex,time-critical software engineering products.

Some of the benefits are:

1.Integration risk is minimized
2.The quality of the end-product is improved
3.Error diagonsis and correction are simplified
4.Progress is easier to assess.

This testing process is very useful for the software engineering students.

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