Software is used to form a bridge between the system and the user,so while studying about software testing we must know about system testing also.
System Testing:
Software is incorporated with other system elements and with a series of system integration and validation tests are conducted.System testing is normally a series of different tests whose primary purpose is to fully exercise the computer based system.There are various types of testing available under the system testing process.
Recovery Testing:
This testing is a system test that forces the software to fail in different conditions and verifies that recovery is properly performed or not. If every recovery requires human intervention,the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) is evaluated to determine whether it is within the acceptable limits.
Security Testing:
This testing attempts to verify that protection mechanisms built into a system.Any computer based system that manages sensitive information or causes actions that can improperly harm individuals is a target for improper or illegal penetrations.
During this testing,the tester plays the role of the individual who desires to penetrate the system.
Stress Testing:
Stress testing is also known as Endurance testing.It evaluates system performance when it is stressed for short periods of time.This test are designated to confront programs with abnormal situations.
A variation of stress testing is a technique called Sensitivity testing.It attempts to uncover data combinations within valid input classes that may cause instability processing.
Performance testing:
It is carried out to check whether the system meets the non-functional requirements identified in the SRS document.Performance tests are coupled with stress testing and usually require both hardware and the software instrumentation.
These are testing process used to test the system.

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