Hi friends,

I was interviewed by MUKAND ENGINEERS LTD. company on 11 June 2009 for the post of GET( Graduate Engineer Trainee) during my college placement program.

Yes it was a pretty good experience. There were 3 rounds:
1. The General Aptitude Test
2. The technical questions .
3. The personal interview.
The general aptitude test was on english and maths only.
The Technical Aptitute Test was based on topics like thermodynamics,designing basics.There was no negative marking.
Every round was a eliminatinon round.
I cleared this round

I was waiting long time for the my turn to come.
The interview round started at around 9 am of next day, and my turn came at 3:30pm.
My interview started :-
(this is the conversation with the person who interviewed me)

(me)May i come in sir---(they)yes please ,have a seat---(me)thankyou.
(they)So Atul ,tell me about yourself?---(me)told him about my past record and my journey till now and also told how i am fit for this post.
--(they)Tell me about your family background (me)told about my father,mother,sister,brother and there occupation.
--(they)okay, why isn't your resume updated(me) sorry for that sir i was in a hurry.
--tell me what you know about Mukand. (me) told him about my industrial visit to their company, told what exactly mukand manufacture and there market share in the respective field of steel manufacturing.
guys do this part very well.

--(they)hmm,and why you have done a java course,you are a mechanical engineer then?(me)yes sir i actually got a scholarship from NIIT.
--(they)okay do you have any back logs(me) yes i had one.
--which subject(me) DOM-2.
--(they)which are your favorite subject(me) designing, thermodynamics,I.C. engines.
--(they)okay tell me how does a fan rotate(me)hmm, sir in mechanical sense due to Ball Bearings.
--yes,you are right ,the candidates before just explained me about the electrical part,you seems to be a mechanical one.(me)okay and smiled.
--(they)have you seen the process of steel manufacturing.--(me)yes sir,in discovery channel,they explained about the mixing of the materials in making appropriate one.Also explained him about the details regarding the material technology that i had read in MT subject of the sylabus.
--(they)tell me the first law of thermodynamics.--(me)told him --(me)sir can i ask a question to you--(they)yeah sure--(me) what kind of job profile will be there for mechanical engineer in Mukand.--(they)he told me how my career will boost when i join them,he also said about the training provided to us for 6 months--(me)okay then i definately like to join you
--(they)hmm,you seems good.
--(they)where you see yourself after say 5 years.(me) told him my ambition in reference with MUKAND LTD.
--(they)okay Atul you can leave now .(me)thank you sir.

I am pretty confident that i will get that i will get selected and get the offer letter very soon

Atul Barapatre
B.E. Mechanical Engineer 2009.
Sardar Patel College Of Engineering,Andheri(west),

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