This is the structural Engineers community. Structural Design is a great activity related civil engineers. There is general saying that what the Britishers has constructed is still standing, but recently constructed bridge, building,or any structure is showing distress or failed completely. Who is responsible for such types of failures and heavy losses to material and human lives.Structure should be designed after taking all the factors in consideration and it should be constructed with proper quality control. If such designed and constructed structure is properly maintained I am sure that nobody will blame to the community of thecivil engineers any more, so let us give some thoought and share our knowledge in this field.

all civil and structural engineers involved and interested in :Design & Analysis,BridgesBuildings ,Codes and Sandards ,Forensic Engineering ,Business and Professional Practice IN Structural EngineeringConstruction and Constructablity ,Join us lets discuss current challenges: the changing role of structural engineers in society, fees, innovation, sustainability and education and trainingcivil engineer means....Roses are red, violets are blue,civil engineers,are better than you.

Look where you're standing,we built it all, to the greatest precision, so they would not fall. There is no partial credit, from San Francisco to New York, but despite all the calculating, none of us are dorks. You have nothing without us, you'd be out in the cold, so you can thank us incessantly, until you get old.

But we are not arrogant, just ask Jeremy Guest, but there is no acceptance, of being second best. So one day I'll be a P.E., build your houses, skyscrapers, and rails, put my seal on some paper, and you'll know they won't fail. Because roses are red, nd violets are blue, and Civ-Es are just plain, better than you.

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