There is no limit to the inventive powers of the human minds and this limitless power has enabled us to scale one height after another. The history of scientific achievements records the triumph of science in minute details. What all started as a journey of inquisitive and spirited band of people who dared to think differently and challenged the prevalent notions and ideas. In their pursuit of truth, their ways, thoughts invited ridicule, brutal corporal punishment and even death. But their spirits must be very happy up there to find that their thoughts have been accepted and honoured. Today science is ruling our every day life. In this context, let me discuss something which would be of great interest who tend to forget to take their medicine dosage. Very soon we would freed from this kind of forgetfulness. How? Have a sensor inside!


A US-based biomedicine company is on verge of a breakthrough as the clinical trial is on a health intelligent product which is known as Ingestible Event Markers (IEM). This very small device made from food ingredients are intelligent enough to send wireless messages to a person about marking the events of missed doses and alert him. It can also record data about heart rate and body temperature. It is made on a silicon wafer and the sensor is made up of food and vitamin materials in very safe and small quantity.


This IEM actually transmits ultra-low power, digital signal through the body to a microelectronic receiver in the form of a bandage -like patch on the skin recording date,time, drug and the dose taken. Needless to say that this development is likely to be cheered by the patients who constantly need by monitoring by someone of the family in the matter of drug ministration. The new device would be greatly helpful in chronic conditions when the patients tend to be more oblivious. The studies indicate that the problem of forgetfulness is fairly well spread in the global context. In the developed countries the percentage is as high as 50% and the figure for developing and other countries must be even higher. This cost-efficient product to be priced around a few cents, must be considered to be a boon.

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