We all are well aware of what a cavity is? It’s one of the most common disorders known in the dental field. There is an increase in the number of people who have it in our generation .We can blame it our eating habits and on the high content of sugar and carbohydrates present in today’s food. But once it doe happen there is so much that we have to do. It’s better to understand what we suffer from. So how and where is a cavity created? What can be done to cure? And how do we take care? What is a cavity anf how is it created? A cavity or "dental carries" is a result of decay or infection cause by a chemical reaction of carbohydrates (that comes from food) and the bacteria present in our mouth. Our mouth is a shelter for "plaque”, which is a thin film of residue that gets accumulated post eating or drinking. The bacteria reside in this thin film and it is said that on an average it takes 20 minutes post eating for plaque to form. Where does it occur? The decay occurs as a result of the chemical reactions which produce acid to corrode our outer enamel. Once the hard enamel starts getting corroded, the bacteria works its way inside the tooth and would target the softer tissue and finally attack the pulp in the tooth. Cavities generally occur on the molars and pre-molars. Symptoms: The most common symptoms of a cavity are Sensation of tingling to sweet and cold food particles. Pain in the tooth Blackening of the tooth. Curing of cavity: Treatment of a cavity generally consists of two steps: Drilling the decayed portion of the tooth and scraping of infected part. Filling the missing tooth structure with a suitable material like silver (amalgam), white (resin), and porcelain or gold because these would not let the acid produced by bacteria in our mouths affect them. Incase the cavity is too deep, a root canal procedure has to be performed where in the nerve to the pulp is tied and the whole tooth is crowned. After dental treatment-personal care: Once the cavity is taken care of, there are things we need to do to prevent it to damage any further. We can do this by  disciplining our daily regime with small changes like Brushing after major meals to avoid plaque. Using floss to get rid of food particles. Using mouthwash to get rid of plaque before you sleep. Reducing intake of sweetened products or carbohydrate rich products in our diets. Please ensure regular check ups are made to your dentist incase you or your children suffer from cavities. This is a common infection and can be prevented. Once a tooth is infected, a person has no option but to take proper care. There are so many products available that your dentist would suggest that can make oral dental care more effective. Better now than never, its never late to start caring.    

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