Human body is a very complicated system consisting of millions of cells organised uniquely.. Here are some of the amazing facts


A typical human body consists of 206 bones..There are 5 types of bones nameky long bones,short bones,flat bones,irregular bones and sesmoid bones.Babies are born with almost 300 bones..Many of them fuse together as we grow up and we end up with 206..Longest bone-femur or thigh bone and smallest bone-stirrup bone in middle ear..Strongest bone-shin bone which connects the knee to the ankle..It can support over 1600 kg.Humans and giraffe's have the same number of bones in their neck..Smallest bone is stapes bone which is located near the ear..Mandible is the only bone in the skull and only bone which moves



Our brain is like the central unit of our body that control all our bodily functions..It not only controls what we feel,how we think,how we remember and talk ,but it also takes care of the least noticeable things like beating of heart,digestion of food etc..If you consider our brain as the central processing unit of our body,then our nerves represent the system of network through which all the messages are relayed back and forth to brain and different parts of the body

  1. Brain stores information equal to 500,000 Encyclopedia Brittanica..Given its comapact size and low power consumption and massive storage capacity it can work better than any computer
  2. 74.418 km of nerves send impulses as rapidly as 360 km per hour..The fastest nerve impulse travels at 532kmph
  3. If you lose blood flow to the brain you will last around 10 seconds before you pass out
  4. your brain never loses it ability to learn because  its constantly rewiring itself
  5. contrary to the local myth,our brain is not capable of multi tasking
  6. Brain is not capable of concentrating for a longer peroid of time,therefore it is advisable to take mini breaks in between long lectures


Our heart basically act like a pump..It is found in all organism with a circulatory sytem..When sumone listens to your heart,the sound that you hear is the acceleration and deceleration of blood..Heart pumps enough blood in a lifetime to fill the tanks of 56 moon rocket. .Heart and kidney never rest..People living in high altitude have 2 litre more blood than people living in lower altitude..

Research show that laughter is the best medicine to hear problems..A good belly laugh will send about 50% of blood to the entire body.. Heart attack accelerates with stress,that is why you are more likely to get a heart attack on monday..Heart has its own electrical impulse,therefore it can continue to beat even if it is seperated from the human body,that is why heart transplants are possible..olive oil can help in lowering cholestrol levels and reduce heart attack rates..Most of the heart attacks occur between 8 and 9 am.


Muscles are like engines and there's no way we would be  able to do anything without them..Even though it might be different in function from a car engine,its basic function remains the same,translating energy into motion.. It is layers of protein tissues sliding over one another..Muscles can contract and relax..The total number of muscles in our body is 630..It takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 to stare..The largest muscles is the buttock muscle andthe smallest muscle is the stapadius muscle. .Goosebumps are because of muscles present at the root of the hair...The hardest working muscle is that of the eye..Thumb and fingers dont have any muscles..Hand has 20 different muscles..Muscles account to 40% of your body weight.It takes around 72 muscles to talk


There are mainly 5 sense organs

  1. eyes
  2. ears
  3. nose
  4. tongue
  5. skin

They connect us to the outside world.Human sense organs contain receptors that relay information back and forth to the brain.


Our ears can detect 1500 different tones,350db of loudness.,but nobody  knows how the brain tells the difference between high pitched and low pitched sounds..The smallest 3 bones are located in the ear and they can fit in a penny..our ear never stops working,even while you are sleeping..It continously picks up sound,but the brain simply shut it down..Headphones can increase the count of bacteria around 700 times


Humans can detect 10,000 colours with our eye..We spend more than 30 minutes everyday being blind,the time taken for blinking..Our cornea weigh around 23 grams..Eyelashes and eyebrows in addition to providing beauty,protects our eyes..Eyelashes prevent dirt and dust entering our eyes and ,eyebrows prevent sweat from dripping into the eyes..Our eyes can distinguish 500 shades of grey..cornea is the only tissue in the human body that does not contain any bloodvessels..All babies are color blind when they are born


The average person will take one billion steps in his life..Skin is the largest organ in our body..outermost layer of skin is replaced every 15-20 years..Large amount of dust is actually dead skin


Tongue contain 500,000 taste buds which are renewed weekly..It can distinguish between 500 tastes..50% bacteria lives in the tongue..Women have shorter tongue than men..Blue whale has the largest tongue in the animal kingdom..Human tongue imprint is equivalent to a thumb impression.Tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body and it heals faster than any other organ..Tongue never stops working,even while sleeping it is pushing saliva into the mouth

Other facts

Enamel is the hardest substance in our body..The pituitary gland is the most important gland..It controls growth,reproduction and the working of endocrine glands..Liver is the body's instant energy provider..It provides glycogen which the body converts into glucose and burns to produce energy..Two billion body cells wear out and are replaced everyday

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